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Nightmare: sacrificing my Bones for Reapercon!


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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!! :wub: It's also giving me shivers down my soul, it's so awesomely terrifying! Every time you post an update, it gets better and better!!!


Aaaaahhhh, I wish I could see this in person so I could get the full incredible 3D effect! >.<


I actually like that the child you sculpted gives more the impression of a kid under the blankets, given that the rest of the piece is a bit abstract/impressionistic (I'm probably using those art terms wrong).


Because one wasn't enough....





--OneBoot :D

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Yay!  thanks!!!


Those terms make sense, OneBoot.  Impressionism generally evokes movement and either a point in time or the change in light over time. I think of stuff I do as evoking emotion or ideas, in this case terror, so in that sense it fits under expressionism. Surrealism tends to merge dreams and reality.  The way I sculpt is sort of a form of abstract expressionism, since I do it spontaneously and with a focus on my subconcious, rather than trying to drive it with the thinking part of my brain.  It's one reason I really like sculpting, because I spend most of my day thinking and reasoning at work, so having an outlet that is solely creative and random is deeply satisfying and helps balance my day!  It works!


Also, I think I might be done.  whew, because I still want to finish 2 more things for the Con.  I posted the Nightmare here.

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