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80045 / 80046 / 80047: Gray Alien Scientist / Warriors / Leaders


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Just finished up my greys. They are rebased and semi-pinned on bases from Secret Weapon (the "creeping infection" line). I used the sparkling blue on about half of them and just a metallic on the other half. Mix of splintered bone, gingerbread, and alien goo on the base with the rock star pink highlighting the little mushroom things and golden shadow for the worms. They were fun! I used my matte paint on varnish for their non-metallic bits and they still came out shinier than I wanted, but at least my glossy varnish kept their suits shiny. I usually spray on testors but didn't want their suits and tools/weapons to lose their shininess. Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and thanks for reading!




















Also - I finished these guys off with my first official miniature drill (from army painter) and I just have to say if you were like me using something not intended to pin minis (I was using a sharp point of a sculpting tool) the miniature drills are amazing and so much quicker and better to use and I should have invested the small amount of money for it sooner, along with some wire instead of bending too-fat paper clips in these guys all the time.



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