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Warlord Hill Giant (14205)

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Bear with me on this, it has been a while since I've done a WIP.  Given my House affiliation updates may be sporadic.


If you read the monthly goal threads in the tabletop sub-forum you'll know that I recently completed (mostly) an inventory of my unpainted figures.  This has given me some desire to actually sit down and paint more often.  I decided to go with the Hill Giant because he's been haunting my lead pile for about 10 years now and already had his skin base coated about 5 years ago IIRC.  That and I've always liked the general look of the sculpt on this one.


I have two objectives with this piece: to reestablish my basic painting skills and to get it done to boost my general well being and good will towards completing others.  I'm not looking for a display or competition quality piece, I want it done.  The desired end-state is tabletop or slightly better.  I remembered that when I base coated the skin the idea was to start with the darkest colors and highlight my way up rather than my modus operandi of base coating the mid tone, highlighting, then washing.


Tonight's goal was to base coat as much as possible before getting tired or losing interest.  I got the hair (though it appears I missed a spot on the belly), loincloth, fur, and tree trunk club done before I decided I should probably get stuff put away. 


The base coats are: skin - MSP Tanned Skin Shadow, hair and club - Ceramcoat Walnut Brown, Fur - MSP Chestnut Gold, loin cloth - MSP Buckskin Pale, and the ropes holding the wrist piece - MSP HD Desert Tan.  I plan to reuse the same browns as much as possible as I work my way up to my highlights to try to tie the different parts together.




More to follow as I find time to work on it.

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One word of warning to anyone who purchases this model (the metal one at least, since that's what I'm working with):


Paint the area around the neck and  the torso under the lower arm (the one with the fist on the ground) before assembly.  It becomes a major PITA to get to those areas between the shoulder and under the arm once in place.  It can be done after assembly (I just did) but is much more difficult.


At this point everything except the base has paint on it.  I even went ahead and did the eyes.  I may have mentioned before that I really dislike painting eyes.  That's part of the reason I really prefer painting mecha, cockpits are easier to paint.  Thankfully the eyes on this model are fairly easy.  They are nice and large compared to the typical human-sized figure and access to both are unobstructed by the rest of the model.  I went with Walnut Brown for his eyes for consistency with the rest of the model, though I suppose green may have given a nice point of interest.  For now I'm just happy they are pointing in the same direction and don't look like he's strung out on energy drinks as some of my past attempts at eyes have.


The majority of today's work seemed to be unclogging dropper bottles and trying not to crack the caps on my really old MSP bottles (they're from the first run of MSP and the caps tend to disintegrate now if I tighten them down too hard, I think they've been damaged by UV from sitting on my table in front of a window, but then I'm not an expert in plastics so what do I know).  The leather straps on his left forearm, belt, and armor have been painted in MSP Leather Brown (which I may glaze later, it's really close in color to MSP Chestnut Gold that I used on the fur, though some darklining later will help with differentiation).  The armor was base coated with MSP Shadowed Steel and accented with MSP Coppery Orange.  The interior of the mouth is MSP HD Crimson Red.  The sclera of the eyes and teeth are MSP Linen White.  Lots of touch ups to cover stray strokes, missed spots, worn spots, and uneven coverage as well.


I'm debating if I want to paint the many scars and warts now or after I work on the skin.  Thoughts?  For the scars, I'm going to mix some MSP HD Crimson Red with MSP Tanned Skin, with the tone being more towards the skin color rather than the red.  I'm going to have to look up some painted examples for the warts/blemishes.  In the meantime I'll start with the loincloth as it's going to be a pain to reach with the kind of control necessary to layer up to the highlight color.  It'll be a simple progression from Buckskin Pale to Linen White.  After that I'll do the fur and belt around his waist.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'll hit the save button and give him a quick clear coat.


TLDR: I finished base coating him, will do a light clear coat tomorrow to protect what I've done, will start layering the loincloth


And what everyone really wants out of these, the pictures:












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Another night, a little more work.  Tonight was fur, and since I was in the area, the rope on his right arm.  I used Buckskin Pale for the middle tone, then Linen White for the highlight.  On the rope I just used the Linen White and glazed with the base color of HD Desert Tan.  I'm not entirely convince by the rope and may go back to it later.


Here he is with the Buckskin Pale






And with the Linen White




It looks a bit stark in the photos, but it has been my experience that if I don't do that, I lose the highlighting when I seal the figure.


It also looks like I really need to find a way to attach this chunk of pewter to something to stop myself from rubbing off the paint.  I can see spots where I'm already going to have to fix that.  I figure next will be hair, then metal, then the club, and finishing with the skin.  That way I don't have to fix the skin after I get it all shaded.


Question for the group: does anyone know how to direct link an image from Google Images?  Apparently when they migrated away from Picasa they removed the option to create a direct link to the image itself and making it a real pain to post to message boards. :grrr:  I suppose I could go back to Photobucket, but they've gotten crazy with ads.

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