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You can upload here with the Reaper Upload tool directly from your PC.

only in WIP and SHOW OFF..

Yeah, that's what I've been doing. But it was so much easier to just insert the image tags, especially back when I was keeping the blog up to date. Really I'm just pissy that they did away with Picasa.


As for the rope.

Apply a very thin brown wash, it will create depth, and done..

That's what I figured I'd do, but am going to wait until I get everything else done to see which brown would work best (I've got at least 20). That and I want to keep my momentum going on this, if I bog down on a small detail the whole thing will get set to the side.


I swear I can paint well when I want to, I'm just out of practice.

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No, I haven't forgotten about this mini. Stupid life. Anyway...


I painted up his hair and club. No pictures because I am really tired. I may go back over the hair, but don't want to make him look blonde.


I am thinking either the armor bits or belts will be done next. All I know is that I want to save the skin for last and for a day I'll have plenty of time to knock out at once.


Either way he's starting to look good. Take my word for it for now.

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OK, so I let this one sit a while.  I was running some jobs on the laser and decided to work on highlighting the skin while it ran. Good Lord this guy has some crazy musculature!  It's very much in the "this sucks" mode until I give it a wash.


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