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This one is almost over so I figured it had already been posted here, but if it has my search-fu has failed me.


Trudvang Chronicles


Trudvang Chronicles is an award-winning fantasy roleplaying game based on the mysterious and dark Nordic and Celtic sagas and myths. Enter a world of enchanted forests, trolls, dragons, spirits of nature, heroes and adventures. Trudvang is both grim and dark, epic and yet down to earth, with a melancholic tone of an ancient age when nature was a living creature and magic was wild and strong. Above all, Trudvang is a saga...

It is well past its funding goal at this point, and I'll probably never play it, but it is still tempting just to help with a translation project and for the art. Edited by Darsc Zacal
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And an update. I love Riotminds so much...


Just want to share this fantastic pic. Alvaro Tapia (the original artist for this piece) teamed up with Thomas Wievegg to make his work in color. We might see some more of this.. just saying ;)



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The artwork has always been amazing for Trudvang, but I haven't been super impressed with how they've handled the rules etc. Well, to be honest, I only played one of the first versions, which was several editions ago, but I didn't like that one much at all. Then they seem to have cycled through quite a few editions, going from a traditional BRP-based game, to some kind of digital version which I'm not sure what it was about, and then to a much more narrative RPG (which I guess is the one being translated, maybe that one has been more well received, I'm not sure). Anyway, just a heads-up if you're looking at this for the game rather than just the setting and art (which is great).

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The art is beautiful. I'd be all over it if I had the cash.



Also, that Frost Giant would make a great mini!




Don't think I will jump in on this but the art is really distinctive. 

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So when they say the rules are a BRP clone with D20 tweaks do they mean Basic Role Playing a la Chaosium?


Yes, exactly. The big Swedish RPG "Drakar och Demoner" (Dragons and Demons) that I was raised on in the 80ies was basically a clone of Chaosiums Runequest. Riotminds picked up the license for this RPG a number of years ago, but put in their own setting (Trudvang). I think this latest version has changed quite a bit from those roots though. The d20 tweaks I'm guessing are that it uses a d20 instead of percentile dice for resolution (so instead of having 50% that you need to roll under in BRP you'll have a 10 that you need to roll under with a d20 to succeed).
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Pretty keen on adding this to my collection of RPGs that I buy with every intention of playing but instead end up part of my 'shelf of shame' looking pretty but never getting played with. The art really is great, love their take on dwarves and trolls. Though I've just gone through a process of clearing out and giving away some of the games I was certain that I'd never play (down to 'just' 10 systems on my shelves that I haven't played yet!)...

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That's my thing, too...I just cleared out a bunch of books from my den. But the art is soo inspiring! I have a diorama planned based on one of the Bonner paintings (RBG minis!)...though I have that painting both in the Art of Trudvang AND in the Bonner art book...

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