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The Adventurer's Guide to Dungeons

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Enhance your RPG experience with this awesome deck of 54 two-sided dungeon tiles. Build endless layouts! Create worlds! Be a hero!

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About this project


25a79812337be20afa2216f39773b1c8_originaSample cards with Tuck Box



We love tabletop games, and we’re always on the lookout for things to help bring our games to life. In an effort to find a modular tile solution, what we found tended to be expensive, take up a lot of storage, or be over-designed. Flat tiles would have beautiful art, but they also had too much decoration on them—tables, traps, treasures, etc—We felt that we had to incorporate those elements into our campaigns or we weren’t getting our money’s worth. We wanted the flexibility to tell any story. The ability to add our own decorations. Having too much specific content on the tiles was handcuffing us more than helping us. We wanted tiles that could be incorporated into some existing games that we own. (You’re familiar with many of the games we’re referring to, but we can’t mention them because…lawsuits.) 3D tiles were amazing, they were modular, and didn’t have unnecessary decoration that you’d have to shoehorn in. But they took up a lot of room on our shelves. They also took a large monetary investment for just a handful of tiles.

We wanted a solution that was good looking, took up only a little space on our shelf, was totally modular to allow us to create whatever we wanted, AND wouldn’t break our wallet.

So after a lot of looking, and not finding something that included everything we wanted we decided to make our own.


The Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeons contains 54 double-sided, 2.75†x 2.75†square tiles. The tiles, each with a four square grid, feature a variety of floor, door, and wall designs, and line up perfectly in any direction with each other, like building blocks—Perfect for creating endless combinations of sweet dungeon layouts!

The tiles are quality 300gsm (linen), rounded edges, and beautifully designed. They will come shrink wrapped and packaged in a cool custom tuck box, allowing for easy storage, while taking up hardly any space!






06f5251378435c05d2d890275eb07b9b_originaSample layouts



Any and all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the person pledging. We will ship within the United States as well as Internationally. (*Please see International rates below to get an approximate cost for your area) To help make the experience and process as efficient as possible, we'll be using BackerKit upon the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign.




We are Kirk, Erik with a K, and Eric with a C, otherwise known as Plastic Hand Games, LLC, a nerdy trio from Ohio who love card and board games of all kinds! We want to create the type of games and game components that we’d want on our own gaming shelves—Good quality, great art, well thought out, and most importantly—FUN! Our philosophy in everything we make is to create unique products that let people escape for just a little while, pull up a chair, and have an awesome time together.


Q: There’s no traps or treasures or creatures or anything on these tiles! Why are they so simple?

A: We love the idea of a “blank slate†dungeon! It was our goal to create tiles that are intentionally simple, so that the DM would have total control over what to add where! We want this to serve as a fast and easy way to build out a dungeon—the rest is up to your and your fellow adventurers’ imagination, which we know is good, because you like these kind of games! :)

Q: Each tiles is divided into 4 sections. Why?

A: We like the idea that each tile could be used as one large block OR as 4 separate spaces. We also like that each individual section is big enough to hold a fairly large character (unlike some other game maker’s tiles!) The nice thing is you can use our tiles however you like!

Q: Who is your all-time favorite classic D&D monster?

A: We have some disagreement on this one. One of us likes the Ettercap, another enjoys the Mind Flayer, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the Gelatinous Cube (pun intended). Of course we all love/hate dragons

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