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Reaper Paint Sets

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Serenity, I am somewhat a completionist, so yes collecting paint is as exciting as painting :)




You're in trouble. :lol:


Check the Reaper Learn to Paint Kits and see if there's overlap with your current collection. Otherwise, look into the HD paint line. IMO, For beginner, the HD paint line is better, because its "one coat" coverage means you'll get your mini's painted less frustratingly. The MSP triads, however are VERY good for "handholding". Buy a triad and you'll find the right shade of color you weren't sure you were looking for.


Also, consider washes, such as Secret Weapon Miniatures and The Army Painter (Quickshade Ink set). I will wash a miniature after priming, to make applying the paints easier.




I am curious about the HD line, but much of what I've read has pointed to multiple coats producing a better result (or giving more control).  Call me ambitious, but even though I'm a newbie, I'm challenging myself to do more than the basic base/wash/highlight to slap armies together.  Do the HD paints affect the overall quality in a negative way?  Do they thin nicely and preserve the model's detail?


The Triads are definitely a welcome hand to hold, as I'm not yet confident enough to mix my own shadow/highlight effectively (at least not as good as the triads, since I"m guessing they use different pigment rather than just white/black, but perhaps I'll experiment with this once I complete a couple models).  I just started experimenting with mixing pigments to do an orcs lips, bringing fleshy hues into the inside of the lip mixed with the olive base that I'm using for the skin.


Those washes look pretty great.  How do they differ from MSP thinned out into a wash?  Also, what is your preferred recipe for creating a wash with MSP paint?  I've been eyeballing it to make sure the wash is thinned down enough, and I tend to work with something thinner and apply multiple coats.  I just picked up a medium from GW designed for pushing the pigment further into the recesses, and have tried variations of just medium, and medium plus water.

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The HD line performs just as well as the MSP line. It behaves a little differently from MSPs in that it has more pigmentation in it so provide better coverage right out of the bottle. Its not so thick that it will obscure fine detail and it thins well. I pretty much use it interchangeably with my MSPs.


Its hard to compare washes you really need to try them. I have no problems using the Reaper MSPs or HDs as washes, I do it all the time. Pre-mixed washes tend to save time more than anything else. The Vallejo line of washes must be applied thinly without pooling though or they will cloud up.

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Lights: I just use a cheap CFL from a box someone gave me of random bulbs. I like to paint under warm lights (color temp, not actual temp if possible!). I paint about 6" from the bulb, so mine may not be the best advice. I just like a ton of light on the mini when I'm painting.



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Thread Title is "Reaper Paint Sets"


Stay on topic.  There are plenty of other threads that already exist for the other conversations.


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The HD paints are awesome. I just used a few for basecoating a bunch of skeletons as well as my last player figure. Red and yellow are always a pain, but these work better than your normal reds and yellows for coverage. No details lost, and they work perfectly with the other paints.


I do find it funny that it says on page https://www.reapermini.com/Paints/hd

"38 unique colors expand the range of the MSP Core Colors triad system"

However there are 56 color swatches on the page.


"+18 bonus colors to choose from!"  ::D:

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I responded with this in a recent thread that I think was a split from this, but since the title of this one is more about paint, I'm going to repeat here:

I have almost every Reaper-made colour, and I use the two pretty much interchangeably. The only difference being I'm more likely to reach for an HD over an MSP if there's a colour similar enough to what I want. (I will rarely paint with non-HD reds unless I am being extremely specific about my colour choices. And even HDs are subject to the realities of how pigments work, so the reds and yellows and a few others will need at least two coats and sometimes more. And HD Solid Black is my very fave true black.) You may need to add more water/medium to thin down an HD to wash or glaze consistency, or a little more to thin down to semi-transparent for layering, but they thin down just as well as the regular MSP.

For diluting any paint, I recommend using visual guides and tests to ensure it's at the right consistency, rather than trying to judge by number of drops of water/medium to paint. I go into a lot more detail about that in this thread:



I paint to a high display quality and for contests, and have no qualms about using HD and standard MSP equally.

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    • By SparrowMarie
      It was suggested that I take an online Bob Ross painting class by my MIL as something to do while stuck inside. The kit and ticket for the class are like 60$. It was suggested that I just use acrylics and slow-dry medium. I think this is a great idea. I plan on using my Reaper paints on some heavy card stock or water color paper to achieve this. 
      My problem is trying to find acrylic paints that are equivalent colors to the oils that Ross used. Anyone have any leads or ideas about a color chart or list or something?
    • By Heisler
      Something a little different for a WIP. I’m building spinner racks for my paints and tools. There will be a 6” and 5” diameters that will hold 8 paints per level. The Tool  spinner will have a single level with 1/2” holes and hold 16  tools,  paints will get separate spinners for my Oilbrushers ( one level 3/4” hole, 8 brushes), dropper bottles will get three levels with 1” holes (8 paints per level) and the 6” spinner will be for the big bottles ( 1 3/8” inch holes, 8 per level) with three levels. 
      Hopefully this will help my chaotic workspace stay a bit more organized.

      this is the 6” spinner with the holes drilled, except the center, and ready for the bandsaw.

    • By SamuraiJack
      Some of these came back as other numbers, but but the rest won't be brought back by Reaper and some might be present in other paint lines.  
      (Twilight Triad 9727)
      9079 Deep Amethyst
      9080 Indigo Sky
      9081 Pale Indigo - mix equal portions of Imperial Purple and Sky Blue
      (Colored Liners Triad 9738)
      9112 Red Liner - Reaper 9307 (Discontinued now)
      9113 Green Liner - Reaper 9308
      9114 Violet Liner - Reaper 9237 (Discontinued now)
      (Muted Purples Triad 9740)
      9118 Dusky Grape
      9119 Bruise Purple - Reaper 9326 (Bones 5)
      9120 Faded Purple
      (Clear Brights III Triad 9744)
      9130 Clear Orange - Lava Orange 9218 and Explosion Orange 9219
      9131 Clear Viridian - Peacock Green 9226 (Discontinued now)
      9132 Clear Plum - Royal Purple 9240
      (Blush Colors Triad 9747)
      9139 Antique Rose - KS Old West Rose
      9140 Blushing Rose
      9141 Porcelain Rose
      (Historic Blues Triad 9751)
      9151 Steely Blue
      9152 Military Blue - Reaper 9269 (Discontinued now)
      9153 Weathered Blue
      (Desert Camos Triad 9752)
      9154 Dune Shadow
      9155 Desert Khaki
      9156 Desert Sand
      (Mist Greens Triad 9756)
      9166 Shadow Green - Reaper 9270 (Discontinued now)
      9167 Field Green
      9168 Mist Green
      (Terracotta Clays Triad 9757) - Redstone Triad 9775 (Discontinued now)
      9169 Muddy Clay
      9170 Terracotta Clay
      9171 Fired Clay
      (Cold Greys Triad 9758)
      9172 Stormcover Grey
      9173 Coldstone Grey
      9174 Icy Grey - KS Aircraft Grey (slightly greener)
      (Volcano Browns Triad 9760)
      9178 Cinder Brown
      9179 Volcano Brown - Reaper 9268 (Discontinued now)
      9180 Ashen Brown - Reaper 9327
      (Tropical Colors Triad 9761)
      9181 Bright Coral
      9182 Saffron sunset - Reaper 9247
      9183 Cloud Pink - Reaper 9286 (Discontinued now)
      (Reptilian Greens Triad 9762)
      9184 Serpentine Shadow
      9185 Reptus Green
      9186 Scaly Highlight
      (Sandy Colors Triad 9764)
      9190 Sandy Brown - Reaper 9249 (Discontinued now)
      9191 Sandy Tan
      9192  Sandy Yellow
      (Sea Blues Triad 9765)
      9193 Stormy Sea
      9194 Clouded Sea
      9195 Seafoam Blue
      (Humanoid Skintones Triad 9768)
      9202 Troll Shadow - MSP Stained Olive 29838 (Discontinued now)
      9203 Gnoll Brown
      9204 Halforc Highlight
      (Reaper Ink II Triad 9771)
      9211 Green Ink
      9212 Blue Ink
      9213 Purple Ink 
      (Spring Greens Triad 9749)
      9145 Moth Green - Reaper 9248
      9146 Spring green - Reappearance at RCon 2015
      9147 Luminous Green - Reaper 9248 + 1 drop of white
      (Redstone Triad 9775)
      9223    Redstone Shadow
      9224    Redstone
      9225    Redstone Highlight
      (Bright Skintones Triad 9716) 
      9232    Bright Skin Shadow
      9233    Bright Skin
      9234    Bright Skin Highlight
      (Shading Colors Triad 9779)
      9235    Red Shadow
      9236    Green Shadow
      9237    Violet Shadow
      (Dusky Skin Triad 9784) 
      9250    Dusky Skin Shadow
      9251    Dusky Skin
      9252    Dusky Skin Highlight

      (Evening Colors Triad 9789)
      9265    Deep Twilight
      9266    Violet Light
      9267    Sunset Purple
      (Neutral Bone Triad 9791)
      9271    Dirty Bone
      9272    Graveyard Bone
      9273    Splintered Bone
      (Western Colors Triad 9795)
      9283    Old West Rose
      9284    Lone Star Leather
      9285    Denim Blue
      (Chronoscope Colors Triad 9797)
      9291    IMEF Olive
      9292    Bathalian Chitin
      9293    Alien Flesh
      (CAV Colors Triad 9799)
      9295    MSP Core Colors: Rach Red
      9296    MSP Core Colors: Malvernian Purple
      9297    MSP Core Colors: Adonese Green
      (Partial and non Triad colors)
      9073    Chestnut Gold
      9093    Golden Highlight
      9121    Khaki Shadow
      9142    Stained Ivory
      9157    Olive Shadow
      9159    Worn Olive
      9175    Swamp Green
      9177    Camouflage Green
      9210    Red Ink
      9220    Olive Skin Shadow
      9222    Olive Skin Highlight
      9226    Peacock Green
      9229    Worn Navy
      9230    Soft Blue
      9238    Regal Purple
      9244    Muddy Soil
      9249    Sandy Brown
      9268    Volcano Brown
      9269    Military Blue
      9270    Shadow Green
      9277    Spattered Crimson
      9278    Gory Red
      9282    Maggot White
      9286    Punk Rock Pink
      (Heavy Gear paints)
      RPR 61101 Terra Nova Tundra (Possible alternative: NMM gold?)
      RPR 61102 Macallen Brown
      RPR 61103 Redrider Crimson
      RPR 61104 Dune Shadow
      RPR 61105 Mekong Moss
      RPR 61106 Giant Fern
      RPR 61107 Okavango Swamp
      RPR 61108 Republique Red
      RPR 61109 Armadillo Tusk 
      RPR 61110 White Sand
      RPR 61111 Paxton Red
      RPR 61112 War Paint Red
      RPR 61113 Arthurian Blue 
      RPR 61114 Blue Crescent
      RPR 61115 Atlantean Aqua
      RPR 61116 Coated Armor
      RPR 61117 Factory White (Ghost white + Blue Flame perhaps?)
      RPR 61118 Grel Flesh
      RPR 61119 Afterburn Grey
      RPR 61120 Hazard Yellow 
      RPR 61121 R.a.m. Black
      RPR 61122 Durasheet Alloy
      RPR 61123 Skunkworks Gunmetal
      RPR 61124 Beacon Yellow
      RPR 61125 Fallout Grey 
      RPR 61126 Ash Grey
      RPR 61127 Waveform Aquamarine
      RPR 61128 Gamma Shielding Gold
      RPR 61129 Cat's Eye Umber 
      RPR 61130 Cat's Eye
      RPR 61131 Red Dust
      RPR 61132 Drillbit Metal
      HD Line:
      29803    HD Entrail Pink    
      29804    HD Rusty Red    
      29805    HD Burning Orange    
      29807    HD Mustard Yellow    
      29810    HD Mossy Green    
      29814    HD Ice Blue    
      29816    HD Solid Blue    
      29817    HD Winter Blue    
      29818    HD Nightsky Blue    
      29821    HD Sunburn Flesh    
      29829    HD Golden Brown    
      29830    HD Ruddy Brown    
      29832    HD Concrete Grey    
      29833    HD Ash Grey    
      29834    HD Field Grey    
      29835    HD Dirty Grey    
      29836    HD Military Grey    
      29837    HD Armor Grey    
      29838    HD Stained Olive    
      29839    HD Maroon Red    
      29840    HD Garnet Red    
      29845    HD Gilded Yellow    
      29846    HD spruce Green    
      29848    HD Jungle Camo    
      29849    HD Umber Brown    
      29850    HD Elfin Flesh    
      29851    HD Tropical Aqua    
      29852    HD Dwarven Flesh    
      29853    HD Rosy Pink    
      29854    HD Arctic Grey    
    • By Werkrobotwerk
      Does anyone know what the closest match to dirty grey is out of the currently available paints? I'm kind of on my last little bit of it, and I used it on a bunch of stuff that I'll likely need to get close to matching in the future.
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