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Mr Melons Sigurd The Slash bust WIP

Mr Melons

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watching with interest.. lovely start and great blending!



***   Glad a drow stopped in and help control that wolf!    Getting multi-colored fur out of the furniture is pure hell!  ***

***  OH wine and cheese,,, then again he does bring nice treats! ***

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**** A Dapper Gentleman walks into the thread, wearing sunglasses a long coat and a hat and a scarf.***


*** He sits down in the comfy chair, nips some wine and nibbles some cheese, a row of large sharp teeth is shown***



So I can't wait to see this one painted.

Are you gonna do face paint / tattoos??


*** A wagging tail is seen from under the coat***

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*** robinh helps himself to wine and cheese  --maybe a bit too much wine--  ***

** he greets the dapper gentleman as he sits down but feels something is off but can't put his eye on it just yet  ***


WARPAINT   is a must  it would add a ton more character and uniqueness to the bust!

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