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So I am going to enter some minis in the painting contest, and thought I might put one on a plinth...


I stopped at Micheal's on the way home, and picked up some stuff, but wonder what others would think...


I bought a 2" cube, a 4" square, and a 4" round. My thought is to mount the cube centered on either the square, or the round, sand everything up nice, and stain it with Minwax Ebony 2718 penetrating Stain.


The round:

post-14271-0-17754300-1475195560_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-63082700-1475195561_thumb.jpg


Now when I showed this to the spawn and soon to be ex, they asked how I was going to do it...



post-14271-0-12979900-1475195554_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-62815100-1475195555_thumb.jpg


Or Catty corner:

post-14271-0-07528900-1475195557_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-59272400-1475195558_thumb.jpg


Or should I just use the cube?


I plan on a plaque with the title of the piece on the front of the cube....


A rare earth magnet will secure the mini to the plinth, for ease of transport.


Thanks for your thoughts!




(all 3 wooden parts were under $4!)

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I like the parallel one myself. You could run some of the ground work, roots or such down the sides & have them end at the fancy square base.

When we hit Michael's on Tuesday, they had some fluted bases that resembled stemmed goblets. I was really tempted...now I wish I had sprung for at least one.

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I like the parallel one myself. You could run some of the ground work, roots or such down the sides & have them end at the fancy square base.

When we hit Michael's on Tuesday, they had some fluted bases that resembled stemmed goblets. I was really tempted...now I wish I had sprung for at least one.

I saw those tonight, but they are a bit to large for what I want to do...

For this mini at least...

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Just the block please.  The plinth already serves as the decorative aspect that separates the mini from the table.  Mounting the block on something (besides maybe adding some understated molding to it's upper and lower corners maybe, like exterior crown molding) puts me in the mind of a gift basket, gift-wrapped, then put in a pretty gift bag.  One of the keys to diorama and vignette-design I've heard is to avoid "nesting" at all costs.  Just my thoughts of course!

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Personally, I don't think you need anything other than the block.


If you do decide to use one of the other pieces I would say the square works far better and not kitty-cornered.

I agree.

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...now if you wanted to get fancy you could turn the 4" into a pillar by cutting off the corners to make an octagon.


That's a pretty cool idea, which gives me a follow-on idea, assuming you have the time, instead of making an full octagon, have them end somewhere near the top, making it more of a platform.  Additionally, I like it with the smaller squares.

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