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Engraved Dice Towers from KickStarter


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I would like to share my Kickstarter for Engraved Dice Towers.


These towers are made using 1/8th inch Baltic Birch Plywood, and cut and engraved using a laser cutter. This means that every cut is precise and extremely detailed designs are possible. The final result is very sturdy and attractive. When closed it measures out to a simple 6.25" x 4.5" x 2.25" box, making it easy to store or carry with you.


There are currently four designs to choose from as well as 7 stains. Stretch goals will include additional designs and the option of getting solid wood boxes.



You can see the KickStarter Page by clicking the link below





Engraved Dice Towers now ships internationally



This KickStarter has been funded! We are now into stretch goals.

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These look fairly compact which is something I like. Larger dice towers can take up too much real estate on the gaming table.

I also like the way the top fits into the base for travel or storage. They kind of remind me of a slightly larger version of the Unique Dice Towers brand pieces that I own.

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A quick update to the project.  Engraved Dice Towers are now shipping worldwide, as opposed to only within the USA.  So anyone who took a look and was discouraged that it was only shipping within the US is encouraged to come back by the page.

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The KickStarter has been successful!


We are now into stretch goals will the first goal all but reached.  A full description can be found on the main campaign page, but following is a quick rundown.


$1300   -   5th Design, Japanese Kitsune

$1750   -   Solid Woods 1 - Aspen, Red Cedar, White Oak, and Butternut

$2100   -   6th Design

$2500   -   Solid Woods 2 - Curly Maple, Red Oak, cherry, Walnut

$3250   -   Solid Woods 3 - Purpleheart, Zebrawood, Padauk, Bloodwood

$3600   -   7th Design

$4000   -   Solid Woods 4 - Yellowheart, Mahogany, Lacewood, Weng

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