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Getting To Know Each Other - October 2016

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I like liquorice. :unsure:  I even like anise.  I had some candies once that were little sugarcoated aniseed, surprisingly nice.





Late Weekend Question for October 29th and 30th, 2016

What is the worst thing you can give for Halloween?

Sugar Daddies, evil caramels on a stick. Not a very good caramel and it's shaped like you're supposed to like or suck on them but it's just soft enough to bite into and then get stuck to your teeth,like will pull the lollipop stick out trying to remove this sticky mass from your face. Also a close contender Mary Janes, peanut butter toffees, think I only ever got really stale ones that were hard little lumps or melted to the wrappers sticky messes.



I was born across the river from Boston, so I grew up getting lots of Mary Janes for Halloween (I think they are made by the same company that makes NECCO wafers).  I still like them a lot, as long as they are fresh, but I think I like Squirrel Nut Zippers even better.


.. you .. what? *has mental image of some very unfortunate squirrels here ..*

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.. you .. what? *has mental image of some very unfortunate squirrels here ..*



 Used to buy those things by the pound... I'd shove em into my mouth one after the other until I had so many I'd have trouble chewing them and end up drooling all over myself, lol.

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Final Question for October 2016 (31st)


How tired are you of Halloween and sugar related questions?

Not at all.


Halloween is my favorite holiday.


On the other hand I'm already tired of Christmas. I saw Santa battling skeleton and black cats at a store the other day.

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