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Scale 75 Mary Read 1720....lets see if I actually finish it.....

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Hey all,

I figure maybe, just maybe if I do this as an actual WIP, I might actually try and finish this piece.

I have an upcoming 2 day class with Alfonso (Banshee), and part of the class is something called sketching atmosphere, using a 75mm figure.

I'll know more about this, after the class.....so I'm trying to figure out how best to get the piece ready for class day.

So on to the figure....


Yikes, it's resin and white metal! And the resin, well, detailed - but issues....


Just like everyone said....these braids, they are gonna break, (which they did) 75mm...and I swear I've seen bigger eyes on my 28mm


Huge mold/? Line in a very difficult place.....the curvature makes it hard to get into with straight tools/files. I left my drill at work....dang.

A few more pics, for anyone interested in buying this kit. (Since I couldn't find any online before I bought)

post-7024-0-31095200-1475434715_thumb.jpg post-7024-0-78228400-1475434751_thumb.jpg

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The above was Friday night, so Saturday....I got this part done....

I'm sure I've said it before, I'm not a huge fan of prepping, and my most yechy is pinning. So I'm going to be very careful and just pin the feet to base. Everything else, going to use their existing ball and socket joints, which are pretty deep - only, issues were that green stuff doesn't like resin and glue doesn't always play nice with pewter, put the two together and well it kinda worked.


As I mentioned, all the braids, while cleaning the head, broke off. So I trimmed two and sculpted two in green stuff....not sure how good they will look until I get some paint on them.


The only piece I haven't attached yet, is the longer barrel of pistol, it fits into her hair....which should make a little green stuff around the join fit in. Cause it is way too small to pin, hope I don't keep breaking it off...


Today, sanding, the other part of the pistol barrel, and more work on the base.

The instruction for class- was "based and primed black". But I don't really want to permanently put her on the base, as I want to do lots more details on the base after the class....and let's not even discuss my heebie jeebies about priming the whole thing in black! I've always used either white /grey or a messy value priming.....never all black. Should be interesting.

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Good Luck;

Sounds like a magnificent experiment, and I suspect that when you find out it is a secret formula

for Gold, you will squeee with delight.


I switch out my base color's often (usually the complimentary color of what my main color is).

Forces me to see new combinations, and sometime the resulting of color gray has me choose another

color altogether due to the inspiration the base color gave me.  You are more than able to switch colors

and enjoy, learn, and produce a great piece of work..(we've seen it remember)... Go for it !!

We'll be routing for ya !!!

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Well, she's all prepped and ready for class this weekend!

Really have to start using my airbrush to do priming, nice and smooth.post-7024-0-61014500-1476332006_thumb.jpg

Might add more to the base, after the class....

Wish me luck!

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