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Sauriana 54mm Miniatures Game

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About this project

Sauriana is a 54mm miniature wargame created by FossilPunk Foundry. The brainchild of writer and game developer Sam Nolton, it’s been in the works since 2014, and we’re finally ready to bring it to you! 

2159f81b7689f7ff77200f568bc340c6_originaOur wonderful 54mm scale miniatures are sculpted by some of the best in the business, and cast by our partners at Zealot Miniatures

Take command of a band of Agents from one of four factions: the stalwart adventurers of the Explorer’s Club, the hard-bitten “cowboys of science†that make up the Othniellians, the steam-powered might of the Cope Collective, or the ragtag roustabouts of the World’s Faire. With these individuals, you will battle it out against your opponents everywhere from the back alleys of London to the boomtowns of the American frontier. 



32d38b147d7599befea3f24d731fb406_originaUsing advanced 3D Printing processes, Zealot Miniatures brings our sculpts to life in extreme detail.

Sauriana is a game of choice: your choices, your characters, your playstyle and your hobby. Aside from the Factions themselves and the agreed-upon points limit for a game, players have full control over their band, which can have individuals running the gamut from prehistoric beasts to men and women of every race, gender, creed and social class. Some archetypes are more common in one faction or another, but we aim to bring a game that represents the diversity of the modern world, even if it’s set in the 19th century. 

With your help, we can bring the Sauriana starter box into full production. With the contents therein, up to two players can play scenario-driven matches  of Sauriana, the perfect introduction to the gameplay elements that define our game. If we make it past our goal though, you will find an entire world’s worth of content awaiting as we unlock more Agents for each faction, or even new factions altogether. 












If we manage to exceed our Kickstarter goal, however....you’re in for a treat. Our stretch goals are evidence of just how ambitious our plans for this game are. We’ve got many miniatures planned for each of our game’s four factions. With your help, we can unlock these and begin sculpting and production! 

Credit where credit is due: 

  • Concept Art by Taissia Abdoullina, Fred Wierum, Ignatius Budi Wongsonegoro, Robert Mallinson, Raph Lomotan, Felipe Escobar, Alex P. Watson, Rogier Van Der Beek, Rudy Siswanto, Sebastian Luca, and Steven Stahlberg. 
  • Digital Sculpting by Kevin Cayuela Borg, Jamie Phipps, and Kaushik Manna 
  • Kickstarter video music Way Out West by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: 

Edited by SamuraiJack

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Cancelled by the projects creator a few days ago when he realized it wasn't going to reach funding.

He plans on changing over to 32mm minis instead of the 54mm that he was originally doing. He will also work on having the rules more fully developed before relaunching in the future.

Thread closed.

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      Where several of the other Lost Valley dino-beasts have extra fantasy elements to them, such as extra horns. spiney ridges, a third digit on the vestigial front limbs and such, this one is just about picture perfectly based on a real dinosaur: The Carnotaurus.

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      The essence of miniature modeling has always been to capture the magic of imaginary worlds. When I was growing up, I used to love looking through magazines showing highly detailed models in epic battle scenes. All those visuals were a catalyst for my imagination thinking of all these magical worlds. I was amazed to find out that not only was it a hobby to build and paint them, but that I could create those magical worlds for myself! Even now, the aspect I appreciate most about this hobby is expressing myself through kitbashing and bringing my imaginations to reality. I’m always thinking of ways to improve the magic of my models so it's only natural that I started thinking of how to add lights to them!
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      Here is how to install the Omnissious power packs:
      Step 1: Drill a hole in the base where you want to connect your model Step 2: Thread the electrical wire through Step 3: Plug in your Power Pack With backgrounds in engineering, it was important for us to confirm that our device could be mass produced before asking for funding. So we worked directly with a manufacturer to test and confirm manufacturing plans. We even tested the prototypes on our models and have been using them in our weekly games and tournaments… for uh, science. Check them out!
      LEDs in the heads light and the canon LEDs in the plasma gun LEDs to light up the candles on this ritual table LEDs in the eyes and right hand LED color options displayed in a group of elementals  
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      They have some videos on the page that show how it works.
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