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Slowly working on the the shelf of shame.  Please excuse the pics.. phone camera and haven't got a good light box.. gonna try and remedy that this weekend..


Anyway she's good practice for skin, and I'm attempting some zenith lighting..



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I have a couple of that lovely lady that I've yet to figure out how I would paint her. As such, I'll follow your thread with interest. Have FUN with the Girl!

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Slow work on her base and lining and shells . I hate all the little strings she has, they are really difficult to pick out without smearing to her skin. The sting ray on her base is mostly done and the sand is good. More highlighting planned for the star fish and picking out her little shells and beads and things.


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 Are you using any sort of magnification to paint with? That will make it a bit easier to work with... 


Also, one of the best ways to do thin straps like that is to paint them all black or another dark color and don't worry about getting any on the skin - in fact, you'll want to leave a thin, even outline all around the straps on the skin beneath them. Then you just carefully dry-brush the straps with whatever color you want them to be, leaving the darker color showing where the shadows would be. You now have shaded and dark-lined straps that just need some highlights. The dark-lining around the straps will make them show up against the skin more and really make them pop.

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Its more so that the bits are tedious to paint and in funny spots. I do intend to leave them darklined and carefully highlight.


 I don't use magnification mainly cause I hates it precious.. and my eyes seem to do the job without it at the moment, nearsightedness +1 :P. However if I try painting with glasses or contacts in makes for a horrible exercise in frustration.    


Hopefully more progress shots today if I can get the homeworks done.  Thanks

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    • By Glitterwolf
      This one I painted a few years ago.
      I'm pretty happy with the stones on the base.
      I wouldn't trust her when I got sick though.

      New Pics taken for the Pandemic Challenge

    • By Cyradis
      I got half decent photos! Aside from a little lint and not being 100%... but they're better than what I did before! I needed my dress pants for a usable backdrop, and I had to get my finger in the photo then crop it out for color balance, but it is okay!
      This is Aeon Trespass's Knowledge Nymph, as a demigoddess character in my world - The Watcher. Aletheia, former Loremistress who sacrificed herself for her library, and was raised as a demigoddess, then given the job of recording the history and stories of the region. Although she is strictly lawful, she doesn't really feel the need for undergarments. She likes her pajamas, and doesn't get many visitors in her "nest".
      Of Interest and Learning:
      First time painting sheer cloth. The super fine wrinkles on the small of her back made this tricky, but the rump was good for testing it out! I tried to paint the floor and her console/podium to look like marble stone, with simple paint on it. I tried to use desaturated colors for the books, so that the viewer would see them but focus on her instead. Open books shouldn't have nothing in them, so I popped on diagrams and scribbles (some roughly in Greek characters).  
      Comments and critique are welcome! RED PEN ME.


    • By Crowley
      There are some minis that are absolutely brilliant in Bones. This is not one of them. But it's a mini that works for a fellow players for our Curse of Strahd campaign, so...
      First problem, the staff was really bent out of shape. Impressive since it's connected to both his hand and the cloak. A quick boil and then ice bath to care of that. 
      Then there were three mold lines. Unfortunately extensive on the outstretched arm and on the smooth cloak. 

      Once those were taken care of, I glued him to a base, splashed on the brown liner and then began to block in colors.

      Afterburn Grey, peacock green, tanned shadow, and dessert stone were the primary colors I used to start with.

      That was last week, and it was enough to get the okay from my player. So tonight, I worked on him some more. Added Rosy flesh, nut brown, some black lining, and Marigold for the hair.
      I think I'm going to wash the hair with something a little more orange red, then bring up the color more with the blond triad. Not sure what to do with the leather bandoleer, but I'm thinking maybe a red leather?

    • By KingMob
      Oh that Werner, he's done it again! Let me introduce you to Vanja, the Fire Giant Queen - original size. She's a great size for an Ogre and as a Player Character. Bones once again! Great level of detail allows so much to be done to bring life to the face. Her armor reminds me of my SCA rig. 
      Autumn hue, same palette as the Huge variation posted earlier. Underpainting/sketching used before paint. Plus! Pushed contrast. (Something a little bird taught me.)
      Gonna paint another. 

    • By Fruggs
      Back from Reapercon and working on the little's PC for our inconsistent dnd game.  She's super tiny but I really like the sculpt.  Gripes about plastic, and the mould quality though.  It's a wizkids preprimed number.  I wish they did these in metal.  She's coming along nicely.  Her skins are the rosy skin triad with some of the fair skins mixed in.  Hair is intense brown, vmc orange brown pumpkin orange and then pumpkin orange and rosy highlight, then tiny bits of rosy highlight. Her eyes are I think leaf green, and tiny.  Kiddo is requesting some purple socks with stripes so that is the next thing.  Enjoy:).  

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