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Chaosheads stuck in the desert this time! (LOADS OF PICS!)

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Thanks Chaoswolf, glad you liked that stuff, I do enjoy a good orky scratch build.


Having the motor and pulley system detachable was a pretty big thing for me as far as storage goes, it is sort of a fragile piece of terrain and I don't want to see it laying on the floor broken.  Magnetizing it was pretty much my only thought on how to achieve this.  With that in mind I brainstormed a little and I came up with a solution that I liked.


I would cut small holes into the foam, insert a magnet, cover the hole with a piece of foamed pvc, spackle, texture and paint, insert magnets into the bottom of the "feet" on the A-frame to match and problem solved....as long as the magnets were strong enough to attract through all of that stuff that is.


Here is a test on the thickest pvc I had left, I would use thinner pvc when the time came for the real thing.




Looks good to me and there was still plenty of attraction from more than an inch away so I think this should work.


I traced around the "feet" on the rock so I knew where to cut.




Cut around them...




Cut the pvc for the covers...




Glued a magnet to each of those.




Used Elmer's super hold white glue to fill the hole and hopefully hold them in place.






Drilled holes into the bottom of the feet for a magnet.




Arranged the magnet on the rock for correct polarization.




This is plenty strong enough to lift the entire rock so I think we are fine.




One at a time I put a magnet onto the rock, krazy glue into the hole in the foot, pushed it over the magnet and slide it gently off the rock to get the magnet into the foot.






Repeated this three more times and set to the side to dry for a while.




Test to see how well they still attract.  Very easily enough hold to still lift the entire rock.




Now to just spackle, texture and paint everything up for the final test.


I think it will be fine as to remove the A-frame I still had to slide everything to the side to get them off.  I probably could just pull them straight off but why risk pulling everything apart at this stage.


That was my hobby time for the day.


See everyone next time.

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Nicely done! I like the way you hid the magnets. Did you think about simply using actual metal plates and just using a single magnet?

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@David Brawley  --  Where were you before?!?!?   :;):  I had not thought of that at all actually.  Probably because I don't think I have any metal around that I could have cut for this.  I don't tend to work with metal very often at all so it usually isn't a material that comes to mind when building terrain.


@malefactus  --  Thank you sir, glad you like it!  You always have such great words of encouragement sir, I like to see your comments.  I always read them, no matter the thread or the subject matter just to see what you have to say.



We finally went and bought more spackle so we should be able to carry on with the terrain tomorrow when I get home from work.

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Small washers, or even a nail with a big head could work in the future! Once you start putting magnets on things... well, it's an idea that tends to stick. 

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Small washers, or even a nail with a big head could work in the future! Once you start putting magnets on things... well, it's an idea that tends to stick. 


Ha!...oh, that was good...sorta... :;):

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Yep, we will see what can be done tomorrow now that we acctually have spackle again. Depending on how much spackle the big guy bought, will depend on how much we can use. XD either way everything will be spackled and sanded in the next couple of days. The 9th will be a little busy at the house so some things may not get done, but who knows. Well i guess thats it for now. XD

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Bah!  Lots of o.t. and RL stuff gets in the way of hobby time and makes me cranky!


Finally got to spend a little time in the basement and gave all the rocks a second thin coat of spackle.  The cliffs finally received a layer of spackle as well, they will definitely need a second coat as there are some pretty nasty things to fill.






The rocks, all drying, getting ready for a little bit of sanding before texture happens...yes, it just happens.




With all of that set aside to dry I had a little time to start carving Da Kop.  Just the start of the steps carved in and the recess where one of the archway rocks will be able to but up against it for another route up to the top.






Still have another set of steps to carve and then the general shape needs to be roughed out, then refined as well as some boulders added before going into the texturing process.


Just a little update but quite a bit was actually accomplished so I am feeling good.



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A little more progress today, the cliffs received another coat of spackle where needed.  No pics because it is just more white stuff slathered on to some white stuff.


Da Kop was given some more attention as well, I carved the last of the stairs on the third side.  I decided to switch things up slightly and went with a ramp on one of the layers.




I then started adding some foam around Da Kop here and there, these will be large boulders on Da Kop when carving begins.




The first side that I carved was not spared this fate.  I like the looks of where this side is going now that I have it more enclosed.




The archway joint side was sort of included by default.




That's it for today, more in a few days when this is dry enough to carve again.



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@David Brawley  --  Thank you sir, glad I could entertain.


I carved most of this a few days ago and forgot to post apparently.  I will just combine it all into this one update, the second update was pretty small anyway.


Not really much to say here, I carved Da Kop as it spoke to me.  I know that sounds very weird, even to me BUT it seems to be how my carving process works.  I may have one or two spots that I know what I want to do with, like where and for the most part how I wanted the steps, the rest of this piece, the cliffs and rocks as well, sort of speak to me as I begin to carve them.


I guess my subconscious artistic side kicks in or something.  I get a picture or vision of what it should look like when I finish.


I think we all get this to some extent when we are painting or whatever medium we work in, I find it fascinating.


Enough talk, pics.


I started by carving this side mostly flat to get rid of the unevenness of the multiple layers of foam BUT then didn't see where I should go from there so moved on to another side.




Rounded off the edges and carved this end.




I MAY add some more rocks to this area as I feel it is sort of blunt....here maybe.




Next was the side where one of the arches will butt up against Da Kop.






The other stair end.








This end MAY get some more rocks to help with the bluntness as well.




Here is the second part of the update, I carved the final side! Woo!




The two long sides are telling me that they both need a stone or two to be sticking farther out than the rest of the side, does that make sense?  Basically I need to glue some foam onto a rock or two on each of the long sides to make them stick out from the rest.


That's it for today, told you the second part of the update was small.



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