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Chaosheads stuck in the desert this time! (LOADS OF PICS!)

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Thanks guys.


Glad everyone is enjoying this stuff as much as we are.


No real updates, too much RL stuff going on.  Something about a birthday party.


Hope to get some work of some sort in on these this weekend as I am off all weekend.


We unrolled the mats we ordered for this set of terrain and tried to decide on some paint colors, still nothing decided there.


Hopefully everyone enjoys the holiday.

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@Starhawk Jock  --  Gomo is better with more players so the more the merrier sir.


Small update time for today.


I finally got the extra foam to add to the sides of Da Kop where needed.






Then it went under a little weight to dry.




While that's drying I decided I would put a little effort into the fort walls that I had previously cut.  I didn't want all of them to just be flat walls with bits added on so I took a knife to some of them.


Made three with firing slits.






Three that will be "damaged", not sure if we will just glue bits over the holes or if we will use magnets to attach bits to both sides so we can pull them off if the walls get damaged in game.






My son loves that last one with the huge hole in it.  He says. "It looks like someone just drove their truck through it."


Split this one roughly in half vertically and left a gap in it.  The plan is just to add pieces across the gap to make it look like its a rough join, so to speak.




The plan for this one is the same as the above only horizontal.




That leaves eight just plain walls of various height but I am out of ideas for making them different.  Sure they will all get different bits and things added to them to look different but starting with a different base model is even better.




If you have any thoughts on ways to make the walls different before the spray with glue and roll in the bits box part please let us know.


Well, that's today's update, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far and has a great day tomorrow.


Merry Christmas to all!



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Is that foamcore that you're using for the walls?



A couple ideas for you:

Glue some cardboard to a few of the pieces to vary the thickness a little bit. Use cereal boxes for this.

Glue some corrugated cardboard to one or more pieces; this will help to vary the surface texture a little bit.


Add more damage to the walls--dents, cracks, bullet holes, that type of thing.


Add some (or a lot) of rocks to the base of some of the walls. Alternately, make a wall out of rocks.

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@Chaoswolf  --  Nope, not foamcore sir, foamed pvc.  All the walls will get beat-up, weather beaten, chipped, dented and scraped before we start adding any sort of layering or detailing to them.  That's all pretty standard stuff really.  What I was looking for was ways to make the base wall unit itself different from all of those other base wall units before starting any of that stuff.  All of your ideas will be used as that was the plan anyway good wolf.


A small update today, I found some time while the gf took a nap, she was up before 10am so she needed it....


First off let me just say that this green foam will never be purchased again for anything hobby related.  It has a slightly different texture than the pink stuff, more coarse and bubbly, I think that is how I would describe it.  It also doesn't really carve well, well it does but it doesn't.  It carves smooth which is good but it has a tendency to break when you get near the edge of the cut, this is not good.  I also should have tested it to see how the spray on texture paint affected it before attaching it to Da Kop.  I will have to grab the chunk I have left before I throw it out and give it a good spray to look for reaction.


Here is a pic to show what I mean about it breaking close to the edges of a cut.




Here is one of the sides carved, looks much better now that it is not all flat.




Orks for scale.




Forgot to take a pic of the other side before attaching it to its base.




Now it needs to sit for a good amount of time to make sure we have good grip before trimming around it and starting the spackle and texturing.


Hope everyone is having a Great Christmas!

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Thanks @Xherman1964, we are hoping it is all good and works for what we are making it all for.


More progress today, the boy and I both had the day off so spent most of the day on this terrain.  I feel we made pretty good progress.


First I cut Da Kop's base and slathered it in spackle then set it aside to dry for a solid 24 hours.




The piece is so large that by the time I was finished the first side was getting very dry.






Sticking to the natural terrain, I had the boy come help me, we took turns sanding the rocks and holding the vacuum.  Not completely smooth, just enough to take off any hard edges or weird swirls or whatever.








We did finish smoothing all the rocks but I only took pics of a few for some reason.  The cliffs and Da Kop need to be smoothed before moving on to the next step, adding rocks and sand to the various tops and some ledges, followed by some texture paint then paint...which we still haven't really decided on final colors.  We want to stick close to the mats that we ordered for this terrain set but aren't exactly sure how close.


We cleaned up that mess and moved on to the fort walls.


These all needed to be distressed so we could move onto the next step with them.  Various tools and implements were used to weather and damage the walls(I am pretty sure the neighbors think a little unkindly of us after more than on hour of banging and hammering).  These are still not finished but the rest will get done soon.










A couple of closer shots.






These still need to have the walkways added, bolted on pieces, basing needs to be done then on to paint and more weathering.


Not too bad for a days hobbying if I do say so myself.


More to come in a day or two hopefully.

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Ya, it wasnt too bad of a day. I mean, we started it off with a mad dash to a pet supply store for my little Lizard buddy, but after that was all sorted out we were good to go. Like the big guy said, im sure our neighbors hate us for doing that for like two hours. And now we will be doing it all over for the walk ways. XD then the gate then we r done with the pounding and the hammering and the so on so forth. Everything is coming together and color for paints is become an issue... we need to choose quickly, because once Da Kopp and the cliffs are sanded and texture painted, they are at the same point as the small rocks, sand dunes and the pits. So we need to choose colors soon.

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A little more progress today, actually it was another pretty good day of hobby time.


We started off by finishing off the sanding of the cliffs and Da Kop, all nice and mostly smooth now.




Forgot to take any close ups of the cliffs apparently.


Then we started gluing small rocks on to the larger rocks, Da Kop and the cliffs.














Even pancake rock was attacked with the glue and small rocks.  Started with the interior of the mine that was dug into the side of pancake rock.








Action shot!




Back to the boring stills.




One of the archway rocks...guess I only got pics of one of them.






Then we did the same to the cliffs.  Still no close ups, not sure what I was doing....






This has depleted my supply of small rocks so I will need to acquire more before anymore terrain detailing can be done.


A pic of the table with all of the terrain laid out on top of it...too much for Gomo for sure but this stuff will see more than just that game for sure.




More tomorrow, I hope to get all the rocks, Da Kop and the cliffs at least one coat of the spray on texture paint.  We will have to hang some sort of drop cloth first I guess, no need to get that stuff over everything in the basement, although it is a lot less messy than regular spray paint.


See everyone later.


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It is FINALLY starting to come together, we can actually see some progress now.


The detailing of the rocks took quite a bit of time today but really made us realize that we are getting stuff done and that the end may be near...sometime in the next few months...hahahahaha.....uuughhhhh....

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Okay, was having issues with photobucket yesterday so here is yesterdays update today...


Not much really but a big step so I am showing it off.


Four cans of the spray on texture paint later we have all the rocks, Da Kop and the cliffs with their first coat applied.




And just a few close ups to show off how this stuff looks.


Da Kop.




The cliffs, this is an inside edge of one of the ramps.




The stairs on the other end of the cliffs.




That's it, just a small update from yesterday.


I hope to get the second coat of the texture paint on everything today so maybe another update of roughly the same thing later.



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Alright, second small post for the day.


Just like the last one, this is just a second coat of the spray on texture paint.  We decided to do a second coat because one just doesn't seem to give the type of coverage that we were after.


So, 2 1/2 more cans of the texture paint later everything has a second coat and is looking really good.  It is sort of hard to tell the difference in the pics but in person there is quite a bit of difference, in both coverage and the texture itself.


The cliffs.




A shot down the more narrow ramp, keep in mind that everything still needs to have sand added so anything that looks a little too smooth still has some texture coming.




Group shot of the large rocks after the second coat.




Then some close up shots, still really hard to see the difference but trust me, it is there and it is good.






One of the stairways up Da Kop.




Even pancake rock looks much better with all the texture.




That's it for now, everything needs to dry overnight before we add sand to them.


Hopefully we can get everything sanded and dry this weekend then all the natural terrain will be ready for paint.  Ugh, still have to make color decisions.


That pretty much just leaves the fort to complete.



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