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Welcome to the world of Warlord. I don't play Nefsokar but feel kind of sorry for you that no one has responded to your post. Your question is actually hard to answer since the warlord in each faction plays differently. The game is usually at 1000 points. Once you pick a warlord, you build your force around it. From my recollection, the two warlords in nefsokar play quite differently. 

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Have you checked out the pinned faction-specific thread for Nefsokar? If not, you may find the lists and discussion there as a helpful starting point. With as inactive as the Warlord community is these days, I can't say that you are any more or less likely to get a response posted there (vs. starting another thread here), but it's worth a shot.


There are a few of the factions that take a bit more finesse to play well; I don't believe Nefsokar is one of them. So, I don't think it is any better or worse of a choice for a new player than most factions.



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