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Lady Cleanbrush

Kiku the Griffin (Ninja All Stars: Tanchyo Oni)

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Hey everyone, I decided that for my next mini I wanted to do a creature. I saw this ninja griffin warrior and knew immediately that it was the mini I wanted to start with. At first I thought it would be relatively easy to paint a larger mini, and it's nice open spaces made me excited.


However, all was not what it had seemed! Dun, dun, duuuuuun....


From the get go I have had a challenging time with this bird! Cleaning all the mold lines (which I know I didn't get them all), filling in gaps, and spray painting to get a nice coverage all seemed to be kicked up a notch. Yet with my husband's encouragement I pressed on!


I really wanted my griffin to have the same color theory as Kikuchiyo from Samurai Seven:



After showing my husband the fabulous color scheme I had chosen, he went on to tell me that I had picked some of the toughest colors to paint (i.e black, yellow, and red)! Only slightly dismayed over the uphill battle I would continue to have with my mini, I stuck to my color choices and began the process!



Kuro Cleanbrush was gracious enough to show me how to paint "black" without actually using black. I used brown liner for his skirt and mixed in different ratios of gray.




And then onto the dreaded yellow! This was a tough color to paint because it didn't cover or blend well. I would often get "water rings/splotches" whenever I would try blending, so I did my best and accepted that it wasn't going to be perfect. Any advice on how to avoid that would be greatly appreciated!! 






So there you have it! All what I have done up till now. I'm learning a ton with this mini and am excited to see how it turns out! Hopefully I'll have it done by ReaperCon! :;):


Thanks again for all the encouragement on my last mini! I can't wait to meet you all at ReaperCon!!! ::D:



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I am not sure where you are having issues???


The end result is that the black looks great,  the yellow on the sleeves is off to a great start and the skin/feathers and wings looks like a great base coat.

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For yellow....from what I've hear... You should try using a creme color base coat that has yellow in it (bone colors are a good example). Then cover it with glazes.

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yellow is evil.  I find ochers have much better coverage and make a good basecoat.  Here's an example:








I used palomino gold as a base- it's a lovely off-yellow ocher.  the ocher gold triad is a good base for many yellows.  Either that or an olive green with glazing of yellow overtop.  The colors in my example are carnival purple, chestnut gold, palomino gold, sun yellow and linen white.


My plan: cheat.  use a color with good coverage and then add the yellow overtop!


I love your shading and highlighting!  Your blending is wonderful!!

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions to make painting yellow look nicer and be much easier to apply!! After talking to Kuro again about the splocthy-ness I was getting, he also suggested that I may have been over watering my paint. Knowing all of these neat, new tricks makes me more confident to paint yellow again, and not treat it like the black plague! :;):

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I second, or third or whatever, the tip about Palomino Gold. It also works great as a base for Golds, some skin colours and even some Reds. Its just such a useful colour that you may want to buy two bottles of it really.

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I use Scale 75 paints and Reaper Paints


I've found that Scale 75 both metallics and yellows have better coverage.

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Hello everyone, I'm entering the final leg of the race to get my mini done in time for ReaperCon! There has been some significant progress but there's still a LOT to get done (I hate being a procrastinator  :down:)!! I'm actually really happy how his red armor turned out, and how my new Raphael-0 size brush was able to help give me more details for the eyes (which is always super tricky for me). I had a ton of fun painting his beak and talons! I drew a lot of my inspiration from the griffins in the first Narnia movie. 









At this point I am ready to take a break and paint at a more relaxed level!! :;): It'll be so strange going back to smaller models.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the wonderful minis I've seen on this forum from you guys in person in just a few days!!! ::D: Thanks for all the wonderful advice I've gotten about how to paint yellow!! You guys are the best! ::):

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