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50044: Frank Russo, Mercenary Hero

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Found this guy in a box of stuff. He'd been cut off the base, readied for pins, and primed. I thought at first it was a conversion, because there's a definite line across his neck and I found some putty on the back of one shoulder, but it turns out this is how he looks in the store, too.


We always need goons for our current superheroes game, so I gave him a quick base coat and a wash and called it good.  He's on a Secret Weapon base I got in their Bag of Crap. 






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 If you check the last picture on the figure's page, you can see he's wearing a different head, with a facemask... ("wearing" a head? lol)

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So maybe he was multi-part? Hard to tell these days without the boneyard parts listed. 

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  He is. I can't say 100% from memory, but clearly if he's got two different heads in the pics in the store, then he comes with a sprue with two different heads on it...

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      I had a bad day and decided to do some painting in between the terrain stuff.
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      That he turned out okay too is just a bonus.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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