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  • Pack
  • Finish basing and detailing on "Our Lady of Souls"
  • Touch up "Friend?"
  • Talk to people, Go to lunch with some forumites, etc.
  • Not get con crud


  • Get my piece figured out 
  • Prep & Basecoat it


  • Finish my gaming group... (So not going to happen)
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I have prep work for my D&D game starting in 6 days.  First LIVE game in a few years, and I'm running it.


Other than that, I must finish 3-5 models.  I'm on track for that early this month, much like last month.  Current paint desk:

Anhurian Champion:  Such a fun mini.  Started Friday, almost done.

Connor, Yeoman Archer:  Another fun mini in the Anhurian-style set, and also almost done, started Friday.

Angel of Shadow (metal):  This one is also almost done. 


All of them share a blue and white theme, but skin tones have a lot to do with how the mini looks. 


Bonus figures: 

Action Maelee from Bombshell

Meagan (Relic) from Bombshell

Any Chaos Dwarves or Bull Centaurs in queue.

Any Khador figures I have in queue.

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- Morihalda's garb:
  - Waiting on boots to come back (had to be resized)
  - Sculpt and paint antlers
- Bewitching Nidalee:
  - Fancify the hat and shoes!
No idea. I'm not going to have time to finish my diorama the way I want it, and I've given away everything I've painted. I won't have an entry, and I don't want to submit something I did last minute. :down:
OH! There's one mini that I haven't given away yet! I'll see what I can do with her!
As excited as I am for all of the events coming up (I have something going on during 6 of the next 7 weekends x_x ), I'm ready for it all to settle down so I can start sculpting every day!
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ReaperCon (bounce!) 

  • pack 
  • finish disobedient pig 
  • more highlights on black dragon 
  • have fun 
  • be social 
  • practice and internalize new skills. 


Paint some tabletop quality creepy minions.

- 3 spiders, 2 beetles , 2 mummies

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Real life kind of kicked me in the teeth about Sept 10, so I don't think I have painted since then.  For October, I really just want to start with finding a couple of simple projects, doing them, and then moving on - enough to get the ball rolling, and start up the habit of making some time to paint or hobby most days of the week.


For tonight, I think I will just try and assemble a couple of Guild Ball minis - I might be able to get a game of that in this coming week, and I want my team to be at least assembled and primed.

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