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Dice Bags: Uber Custom Designs


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About this project

 Welcome to Uber Dungeons Dice bag Kickstarter. I present to you the highest quality dice bags that money can buy. 

These self standing dice bags are made with high quality upholstery suede. While most bags are lined with cotton or silky material we use black Twill Fabric because over time it wont give out on you. We use metal grommets to reinforce the holes for the pull cords to give a strong long lasting tight closure, with black cord locks and hard plastic caps to bring the ends of the cords together. This way the dice will never fall out of the bag.

The bag comes with your choice of a cool Character of our own design embroidered onto Suede.

The Regular size bag is 6 inches tall with a 4 inch round bottom.

The Large size bag is 8 inches tall with a 5 inch bottom.

Who we are and what we're aiming for.

Uber Dungeon is a small business with an established presence on Etsy. Our aim is Table top gaming accessories. Recently Uber Dungeon has attended several local conventions. Among our ambitions we want to get our dice bags into game shops in the area. The equipment we have now is basic, we need better equipment. 

Our goals here on Kickstarter include.  

  • Getting funds for Glow in the dark thread.  
  • Getting new dice bag designs.  
  • Upgrading our Equipment.  
  • Funding our Uber Dungeon attending conventions out of state (UT).

Here is some of the feedback on our bags from etsy...




 With each dice bag you can choose one Embroidery design, one Suede color and one Paracord color.










 Get your choice of one of the following embroidery on your bag: 

  • White Cat
  • D20
  • Minotaur
  • Bag of holding 
  • DM Smiles
  • Wolf
  • Mr.Octi (GLOW IN THE DARK)





 Have your Bag made with one of the following Suede color options

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Back
  • Rust Orange
  • Light Brown
  • Gray


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I'm having trouble picking a color as well. Partially cause I'm picky and the color of the embordary should compliment the color of the suede. I like the Minotaur best, but I don't like orange or light brown. However that room 1 with the dark brown suede and hunter green suede is taking forever to unlock.


I like the dragon scales, but it shows best on lighter colors. So far the red is the best color for that in my opinion but, I'm usually don't identify with red.


First world problems I know.

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I'm actually happy with how green the Hunter green is, and how they have fixed the Gelatinous Cube. 




I think I'm going to get a green small bag with a Minotaur on one side and a gelatinous cube on the other. 


Though I'm also all tempted to girl out and put a cute kitty and a cute wolf on mine. And I also love the cow... but the cow is kinda random... unless you knew of the great cow debate between me and my husband... which went sorta like this...


Him: What cool thing are you painting now?

Me: Cows.

Him: What like minotaurs?

Me: Nope, just Cows. See. Mooooo!



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