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Who Are We?



Hi! We're Nomad Games â€“ a games development and publishing company that has been running for around five years now (from a physical location to an online one in recent months). In that time we've seen a lot of games come and go, but one of the best ones in recent memory has been Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: X-Wing. It captured the interest and hearts of Star Wars fans and gamers alike way before the new trilogy was even announced, and coupled with FFG's fantastic organized play system, has outsold and outperformed any game remotely similar to it.


We have played the heck out of this game (and the games that have come after it, such as Star Wars: Armada and Dystopian Wars) and we love it. We have weekly games, monthly tournaments and we are one of the hosts for the Wisconsin Store Championships for X-Wing and Armada every year.



So, Why the IndieGoGo?

Simple – there's one thing missing from X-Wing/Armada that's present in just about every other tabletop miniature game; awesome terrain!



Our Snow Scape Board. Would make a great Hoth Game for X-Wing...

If you've ever played anything like Warhammer 40K or such, you know that the sky's the limit with these games. In fact, you pretty much have to have good terrain in order to play the game effectively. It also adds flavor to the battlefield, can give objective points and elements to the scoring system and so on.




A 40K Escalation Game at Nomad last year. Dirty, Dirty Tau.


Sadly, this is the one thing that is very much lacking for X-Wing and the ilk. The “standard†play area is nothing more than a taped-off 3 foot by 3 foot square. Some people use bare tables and some use neoprene mats that are great for gripping the minis and bases, but incredibly boring to play on.




In Space, No One Can Hear You Say "Boring!"


Even the obstacles for these play areas are nothing more than cardboard tokens. I can hear Porkins turning over in this grave now!

What we want to do is change all that. Forever.










We have built a modular, expandable and simple terrain system for these sci-fi games. The basic premise is a 12†x 12†tile that can be oriented however you want and together with eight others, can make a 3' x 3' board to play on.

Adding to this are the turret systems and rules to go along with them. These are add-on packs, including rules to play with X-Wing (more games to be added later)

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Eeeek!  Hide my X-Wing! Hide my wife's eyes!  

No place is safe in this thread... 


... blink ...


Luckily, they priced it so that I was able to blink and avoid sending my ship down into the trench run.

My $40 starfield map is plenty fine, thank you.

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