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Warlocks Tower Wargaming bases

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About this project

Looking for a simpler, easier, and more cost-effective alternative to resin bases? We were too.

The Problem:  

For quite some time now, wargamers have been using resin bases to add another dimension to their models. They have been an industry standard that we’ve all become accustomed to using. As a tabletop gamer myself, I’ve always enjoyed how effectively they bring my miniatures to life. However, the difficulty of hand pinning, including the time it takes, and the high costs associated with purchasing resin bases, have made them less than desirable. I’m sure each of you reading this can relate.


My "Aha" Moment:  

About 8 years ago, I was at a tournament discussing my resin-related dilemma with a friend of mine. He called my bluff, challenging me to create scenic bases that could be made from plastic. We both agreed that if developed correctly, these plastic bases would not only allow gamers to create their best army yet, but they’d save time, guarantee ease of assembly and cut costs hugely compared to resin bases. 

Since then, plastic miniatures have become even more intricate, making them harder than ever to pin to resin bases. But by pairing plastic bases with the strength of plastic glue, pinning becomes a non-issue (even when there’s only a small contact point to glue down).  

Introducing: The Warlocks Tower  

The Warlocks Tower is our response to a growing need for more efficient, affordable bases. We’re looking for backers to help us raise $80,000 NZD in our first round of funding. Here’s what you can expect from us if we’re fully backed:  

• Plastic bases that will complement your miniatures in terms of both quality and detail. Because, why would you spend all of that time and effort creating a beautiful miniature and then compromise on quality with an inferior base? Right, we wouldn’t either.  

• Plastic bases that will cost a fraction of resin bases.  

• If the initial goal for a particular terrain type is reached we will release to backers at army level or above a FREE file containing CAD models to allow you to 3D print larger bases

• A dedicated team of designers who love these cool bases as much as you do. It's taken a few years to get to where we are but we have an awesome team that wants to perfect your gaming experience by creating the best scenic bases around. We’re proud to employ contractors from around the world via online, freelance communities. We believe in working with a diverse group choosing the best people sourced from vast experience around the globe.  

• The option to have a say in the customization of our base designs prior to production.Exclusive to Kickstarter backers. 

• Product in your hands approximately 3 months before it will be available via retail and e-commerce. Exclusive to Kickstarter backers.  

• Special prices. Exclusive to Kickstarter backers.  

• Plastic bases created by credible plastic manufacturers who’ve already been pre-vetted and are ready to start production. Not only do they have years of experience manufacturing intricate designs, they’re also based in New Zealand making quality control much simpler to manage.  

• The Warlocks Tower has low overhead costs, which mean more of your investment, will go toward the product, not superfluous operating costs.  

• Your choice of bases and the option to purchase a much smaller set of bases than some companies allow. This will allow you to select the right bases to fit your models

• Postage will be from major depots around the world to minimise shipping fees. More on that below.  

• An authentic experience and a unique set of bases that you’ll be proud to build your army with. We’re not looking to dominate the market or turn a massive profit here. We just want to give gamers, like ourselves, the opportunity to indulge their passion for gaming, customize their collections and save some time and money along the way.  


Choosing your bases  

To allow for the most dynamic nature possible for most round-based games, we’re offering a flexible and interactive way to purchase your bases. So, instead of buying a set selection of bases, you can buy The Warlocks Tower bases chosen from the list below. After the Kickstarter has been funded, you’ll be able to handpick which base sizes you wish.


*If we reach our stretch goals you’ll also be able to choose which terrain types you want. This will allow for a vast amount of customising in base sizes and terrain types. 

The Goals 

The intention of this project has been, and always will be, to give gamers what they want. As such, our first goals are designed to allow gamers to use their miniatures in most settings and to give The Warlocks Tower broad appeal. 

Our last 4 stretch goals (if we get that far) will be determined by you! We’ll be looking for suggestions from our community of backers and followers on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Is there a new landscape you’ve been dying to incorporate into your base? We want to hear about it! After all, this community thrives most when it’s interactive and engaging for everyone. Speaking of which, join us on Facebook here or follow us on Twitter here


As you will notice some common base sizes are not mentioned in the goals and stretch goals.  Plastic injection moulding them was not thought to offer a good price point for backers.  We came up with, what we hope you agree, is a pretty cool solution.  If you back this project at Army level or above and order bases of a certain terrain type we will email you a file allowing you to 3D print 65mm and 130mm round bases if you back at Horde level or above you will also get the files for 105X70mm, 120x92mm and 170X105mm oval bases.  This will allow your whole army to be rebased in a really convenient and cost effective way.

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My initial thought when i saw the renders of the bases was that they are far too lumpy to position a mini properly, and said mini will therefore look disconnected from the base. I wish they had printed out a few and shown examples of them in use and not just renders.

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