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Firing arcs?

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Real life interrupted my stream of questions; resuming now, I think I've forgotten a few. But here's another long one:


How exactly are Firing Arcs intended to work? The rules appear clear as written; but I have a knack for spotting ambiguities (and then picking the wrong interpretation as the "common sense" one...)



p48: Front-mounted weapons have a 180-degree forward arc; arm-mounted weapons have a 180-degree left/right-facing arc


"cav models may rotate their firing arcs up to 90 degrees left or right by twisting their torso"



These are additive, correct? A model could, for example, fire its left-arm weapon at 4 o'clock (right, slightly behind) by rotating the torso 60 degrees to the left (facing 10 o'clock, opposite 4), putting 4 o'clock right on the edge of the Left firing arc?


The rules seem clear on it, but the result is surprising; it seems to mean every weapon has a full 360-degree effective field of fire. A Left Arm "normally" points forward, but its firing arc lets it rotate towards the left all the way to pointing backwards; an extra leftward torso twist brings that to a 270-degree rotation. And pointing forward, a rightward torso twist gives the missing 90 degrees.


(on the magic of bellar joints: looking at, say, a dictator, it seems a little odd that a left-mounted cannon can be twisted all the way around to pointing backwards, but can't be rotated to the right of straight-ahead at all...)



It seems the rules only impact the ability to use left-, right- AND front-mounted weapons at the same time (are there actually rear-mounted weapons? I don't recall seeing any), when firing at a target in the rear half-circle. An opponent directly behind can be targeted by both left and right arm (each doing a 180 in opposite directions) without rotating torso - but then a front-mounted weapon can't be used; or, with a 90-degree torso twist, can be targeted by one arm and the Front, leaving out the other arm instead.



I understand (and applaud) the benefits of an abstract system like this over specific per-model, per-weapon firing-arc values; it just seems like a rule that has so little impact it wouldn't change the game much if it didn't exist...  (though I may some day be very glad or very annoyed to see an Ogre limited to firing 2 PBGs)



And a lesser question: 

p58, "multiple targets": "a model may split its fire [...] provided that all of the targets are in the same firing arc". What exactly does that mean?


- all targets must be within the Front 180degrees, or all must be within the Left 180degrees, or... etc? this much seems clear enough

- but then which weapons can be used? only weapons matching the "chosen" firing arc, or any weapon in whose own firing arc a particular target falls?


i.e. a dictator with 3 targets: A directly ahead, B slightly to its right, C slightly to its left

- A, B and C are all in the same (Front) firing arc, so all 3 can be targeted. Without a torso twist, A falls in both Left and Right firing arcs, so both cannons could target it, as could the GM; only Right cannon can target B. So we can shoot, say,  R at B, L at A, and GM at C. 


- A and C are in the Left firing arc, so can fire left cannon and GM at them, that's it. A torso twist could bring B into the Left arc too, but dictator doesn't have a 3rd left-mounted weapon, so there's no point.



And a tiny question to close: the 90-degree torso twist is "once a turn"; is a twist "back to neutral" after firing implied? Or do we have to remember "this model rotated 70 degrees left to fire; until it's next activation, that's where it's going to be pointing"?






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Hopefully I will cover what you are asking...


In practice most bipedal CAVs can get some kind of shot on any target around it. A line that I just realized is missing is that Quad-CAVs cant torso twist so I will stick that in the new errata doc I'm working on.


A CAV that can torso twist would generally twist enough to center up on the target so that all of its arm and torso weapons could fire. An enemy model far enough behind you could prevent one of your "arms" from getting in the attack (or you could use both arm weapons and not the torso mounted ones).


In your Dictator example the arm would invert, not twist.


You could mount a weapon in the torso to fire into the rear if you so desire.


Multiple Targets:

The targets would need to be in the same 180 degree arc, firing which weapons can bear at that point based on where your final torso orientation ends up.


Your torso resets at the end of its activation automatically.

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