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Searching a human with dragon claws. HELP!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen.


I was looking for a miniature wich represnets a human with dragon claws, and I found nothing in two hours of searching :(


The only thing that gave me hopes was a "Dragonman conversion Kit" but i can´t know if this kit has claws on it. Is there anyone who have purchased it and could please describe the components to me? Do you know any miniature who represents what I am looking for? 


Thanks and have a nice day :)

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In terms of converting a human figure to have dragon claws, how about using 03334: Creature Components or 03440: Creature Components II? Both of these look like they have talon-like hands on them.


Or to go the other way, how about modifying or "harvesting" one of Reaper's harpy figures?


Hope this helps & welcome to the forums!

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 There's a picture of the Dragonman Conversion Kit on the Reaper site...


Unfortunately, it only includes heads, tails and wings so it wouldn't work for you.


 What sort of miniature are you looking for?

Also, do you want it to have giant monster hands or just regular hands that have claws?

The easiest thing to do would be to find a figure that fits the character in all other ways and then add the claws to it...


You could probably use the hands from a lizardman figure if you wanted regular-sized hands, and the hands from 77041: Harpy if you want something larger... Also, here are links the Creature Conversion Kits Number One and Two...

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Some of the hellborn minis have long, clawlike nails with otherwise human bodies, but would require head swaps.


Times like this, I like to ask, do you have a picture of the character in question? Or a detailed description? It sounds like you are trying to match a character concept to a mini. I find most people trying to locate a mini with specific traits have a sketch or piece of art they've found online, that they are working from.

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