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That poor child.


As ever, your craft astounds me.


If forced to critique, I feel like there should be something near the foot of the bed on the dark side, reaching out and up and over the bed...something mere inches from touching the child. But then, I also really love the framing that currently exists from that side view.


Cheekily, I am disappointed the nightlight does not have the form of a blue canary, but then I'm silly that way.

Are you suggesting she sequester that child's soul in a little birdhouse?  Like an ornithological phylactery (note:  Sweet band name!)...

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I love this Corporea!  I've had thoughts of making sort of a nightmarish melange of things similar to this, the living wall monster from D&D, and the amalgamous final bosses of the Final Fantasy games (at least IV, maybe V, and VI).  You did an excellent job of showing enough to evoke fearful images while not showing them completely and taking away from the imagination's power to manifest those images.  The transition from colorless shadow to scant night light really helps the tone too.



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Internet's been spotty today on account of the hurricane, but I wanted to drop in and say a big THANK YOU to everyone!!!


Sanael- TMBG!!!  Drat- should have done blue, but I do like the orangey light.  It's the same color as my nightlight was... but I must now remember to buy my nephew a blue canary.  For when he stays with me, since his room is the hobby room where I keep all my finished projects.  :blink:  Might need to move some stuff...


Siri- hey now, everybody can paint awesome!  Remember, this was my first mini:


It just takes time, giving up all other hobbies, neglecting the yard to the point of the homeowner's association kindly leaving me yardwork info in the mailbox along with friendly reminders of our neighborhood code, sleepless nights, forgotten meals, missed tv series, confused friends who wonder why I won't leave the house...  :blink:  hmmn... might be turning into a recluse... but seriously, it isn't impossible.  Just takes hard work and dedication.  Everyone can do it.  Truly.


Plus, I'll bring some extra bones with me to the Con to give away, so yay!  No worries!


You all are awesome and a wonderful support group for my obvious insanity.  Thanks!!!  ::D:

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if it helps, I still assume I'll lose to the other painters coming.  There was a point when I thought Kiril Kanaev was going to be there and I glumly came to the conclusion there was no point in me painting anything and I might as well just play more Diablo.  I did that for about a month.  Seriously, there's one thing I love about Reapercon.  No one really competes against anyone else.  Everyone gets the medal they deserve without anyone losing out.  yeah the sophie trophies are cool, but they're just one part of the whole.  I hate making anyone feel bad about painting and I wish I could make that better.   :down:  I also know that in the world of painting, we all continuously learn and grow and the perfectionists like me are never satisfied with what we do.  i'm always trying to do more, so I try for bigger and crazier projects. I don't want that to be a sad thing, but an inspiring thing.  Sort of like the idea we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it.


I also came to the brilliant conclusion today that I would mix my bones and candy together in a trick or treat bowl!  Maybe, if I actually get my other stuff done and learn this stupid new work computer system fast enough, I can paint a few spiders and throw them in there as tricks.   :devil:  fingers crossed!

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