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Nova Corp: Rifleman / Soldier / Guard / Female / Sgt / Garvin Markus


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These look great, I especially like the blue gray scheme. Bonus points for playing Savage Worlds!


Thanks! Color scheme was my huz's idea and I agree it turned out very well. Just started Savage Worlds and so far it is a lot of fun. 


Excellent work on them!


It's kind of funny, I was looking at these guys last night...


My biggest hangup with them had been figuring out just what was clothing, and what was armor and/or straps.


I think that's my biggest hurdle with a lot of minis, figuring out what is what and where everything starts and ends. I always try to look up as many show-offs as I can ahead of time to try to see what others have done. So hopefully these will help people make their own decisions.

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