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77374 Tyrea Bronzelocks, Barbarian

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I have located my camera!  But, no lightbox, so the lighting is fairly harsh.  Anyway, after packing up for the move, moving, unpacking, and then kinda sorta finding a place to paint I decided to get back into the swing of things with a quick tabletop mini. I was wanting to take another shot at the bronze skin triad, but I'm about out of minis that show a lot of skin. Fortunately I still had one half naked barbarian left from the kickstarter.

Here are a couple I can post

And here are a couple you'll need to follow the links. I have to say, this is the worst I've done on a face in quite a while but I just wasn't interested in smoothing things out and redoing the eyes. My copy had a "Bones nose" but I assume in metal there is more definition.

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The triads are a nice place to start, but I believe they all need at least two more paints to get the necessary range.  For her I mixed six paints to make my pallet, and if I wanted smoother transitions I would have probably made a few intermediate steps as well.

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