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SECRET SOPHIE WARNING (pics in spoilers)

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I've been sculpting a thing. The original WIP thread can be found here.


I've been making progress, but really need some feedback in case I'm doing something really wrong.


Here is the latest:





I've begun to bulk up the trunk and adding some bark texture. I'll be extending the roots down as well. They'll be hanging down the side of the base as shown in original WIP in the link above.






Comments, critiques very welcome. This is my first sculpt ever.

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Your inspiration tree has less tapering from the roots to the fork, the limbs branching off are larger in diameter, and the limbs also run branch out at a more horizontal angle, some even angle back towards the ground.


If you take the sculpting spooky trees with Julie Guthrie, you make trees from materials other than green stuff.



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I'm liking the tree. The bark is so much better than the one I recently finished for my last diorama.


But yeah -- I'll have to agree with Cosmic's suggestion to study more trees. A few questions, though:


1) How big is the base/intended size of the project? A small base with a giant tree is going to get overpowered, and look wildly unbalanced (not tipping over because of weight, but unbalanced in the sense of composition). I can see in your WiP that you wanted a spooky tree, but you can cut it down, and still maintain the creepiness, so that it all fits nicely on a base (and shelf).

2) Will there be foilage?

3) The spoiler blocks are to prevent your Secret Sophie from accidentally seeing the pics? Or...?

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Spoilers are a mix, to keep my recipient from seeing things by accident (giving them the choice), and also for those on minimal data plans or mobile (like my phone) to load faster.


The base and idea are in the original WIP thread in the linked post. The base is a 4" square tile and will be built up with cork.


I want the tree to look more right in scale. An oak has large, long sweeping branches. More pictures are also linked in my first thread I started a while ago.


The pictures shown, above, in the spoiler of my main inspirational tree is really what I'm modeling from. There will be bits of foliage, and a lot of Spanish moss as shown in the Laughing Ferret tutorial.

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