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About this project

In the near-future the world has suffered a series of disasters. The overcrowded cities have ceased to exist, the majority of humanity has been eradicated. Those that have survived thus far are waging a constant war against savage mutants, unworldly monsters and above all: each other. The ultimate prize are the mysterious Collision shards. No one knows where, how or why these charged crystals have come in existence. What they do know, however, is that these are the only reliable source of energy in this new world. 

Although terribly dangerous and utterly unstable (too much heat or agitation may trigger a catastrophic explosion) all crave these crystals. Every survivor relies on the shards; to power their lights, to activate their harvesters, to energise their weapons, to clean their heavily polluted waters or even for more esoteric ends. Collision means survival, Collision means civilisation, Collision means future. This is where your fight for the future starts.


Collision is a 32mm true-scale skirmish game for two or more players. Every player takes charge of a gang of about 5 to 10 resin models. 

Players use Activation Points (AP) in a system of alternating model activation. What makes Collision unique is that players use AP to determine who snatches up the first turn. But AP is also used for the activation of a player’s models. By spending AP the players can activate a model multiple times, each activation at the cost of more AP. To be victorious players must take risks and use their AP wisely.

With Collision players use a simple card system, instead of dice, to determine whether the model’s actions are successful. Players may play cards from their hand to replace a drawn card. 

Cards are limited per round, so players have the constant dilemma of playing a card or holding it back for the opportune moment. Players with a good pokerface may even be able to use their poor cards to bluff their opponents into spending valuable cards.



Collision features highly-detailed resin models with dynamic poses. The models will be unpainted and have a height of 32mm (28mm scale). Most models will be multi-part and needs assembly with super glue. The round lip bases are included in the startersets.




The survivors of the Blackout are called Reclaimers because of their ability to salvage any piece of scrap in order to repair and jury-rig their colliders and weapons. All precious Collision shards in the vicinity of their settlements have long been spent and the Reclaimers have to organize increasingly dangerous expeditions deeper into the city ruins. Here they must fight against rival gangs, mutants and other unspeakable horrors. Read more>


The Unwanted are the throngs of mutated survivors who have been cast out of the “civilised†settlements and left to die in the ruins of mankind. Brooding in the shadows of the ruins, The Unwanted find other mutants who share their unfortunate fate. These mutants come together in roving bands and wander through the wastelands, bent on revenge. The Unwanted attack and destroy settlements in order to loot supplies and more importantly to wreak bloody revenge on those who banished them. Read more>


These all-female warriors call themselves Nyx, after a Goddess of the night from the old world. They accept violence as a necessary evil to build their Utopia. These proud women disapprove of brute physical strength and rely on skill, speed and agility to gain what they need. They use the cover of night, martial arts and guerrilla warfare in order to overcome their many enemies. Even infiltration, manipulation and intrigue may be employed to destroy their enemies from within. 

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