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89026: Bones Eando Kline WIP


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Here are some better pics:




The whole thing was lined with Reaper Walnut Brown (see first photo above).

  • Jacket is Reaper Crimson Red, Trimmed with Reaper Palomino Gold covered with Vallejo Old Bronze
  • Backpack and pouches are Vallejo Yellow Green
  • Backpack Straps are Vallejo Rose Brown
  • Hair is Griffon Tan and Suntanned Flesh
  • Skin is the Reaper Suntanned Flesh Triad
  • Scabbard is Reaper Gem Purple covered with Scale Colour Amethyst
  • Dark Metal Trim on Shoulders, Knees, Elbow and on the Hilt of the Sword are Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
  • Steel Trim on Sword and Scabbard are Scale Colour Thrash Metal
  • Boots are Reaper Griffon Tan with Reaper Russet Brown Wraps
  • Pants and Waist Coat are Vallejo Rose Brown

I used Reaper Flesh Wash on the Boots, Waist Coat, Pants, Hair and Beard.


Looking to do Vallejo Neutral Grey on the block, some green for the Scroll Work and a White Sandstone color for the Lion statue head.  Most likely will add some ground foam for moss to age the scene a bit more.

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Primed the base with Reaper Grey Primer.


Then basecoated the Lion head with Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil (prolly my favorite offwhite paint).


Then I went over the filigree from the main platform with Reaper Palomino Gold.


Within the flat surfaces is an chevron circular pattern.  So one side of the outward point, I painted more Stencil and left the rest grey.


From there I washed the entire surface with Reaper Spattered Gore.


I'll be drybrushing the surface of the filigree with the Palomino Gold to bring it back up.


And finishing the filigree with a gold metallic of some kind.


The underside of the flat surface will get some varying levels of umber and earth tones.


Once all that is finished, I will add some layering effects to the Lions Head to give it a different stone look and finish it with a glossy coat to give it a sheen.

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A gloss coat was placed over the entire base and allowed to dry completely last night.


Here's the filigree on the base with Reaper New Gold painted over it and turned so you can see the metallic.


It pops out a lot better.


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Finally had a moment to look around for whose base is under Eando.


The base is from Scibor Miniatures' Royal Lions 25mm Round Set #2.




The one on the left.  I have the other two still.  Might have to find some similar characters to put on them.

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