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50311 Wild West Wizard of Oz Scarecrow for Halloween

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Hello, so I decided it would be fun to do a Halloween type miniature for the month of October, and had picked up the Wild West scarecrow a while back, and paired him up with a Secret Weapon Miniatures Creeping infection base. I'm still thinking about the color scheme so I would not mind suggestions at this point since I don't entirely want to go with the usual earth tones across the whole thing.




Thanks for any input in advance!

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Scarecrows were usually made from old worn out clothes, and brighter colors would make them stand out against the crops....


So any colors that you think a farmer would have for his or his family's clothes would work, just have them be faded...


(From a city boy...)

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Well Halloween is next week, so I do have a progress report. I'm missing some steps because I haven't been particularly rigorous on taking photos, but as it stands... I'm getting it done. I decided to mix bleached colors with a few stand out tones. Perhaps that shirt has really good dye... Maybe it's a freshly recolored by a recent victim, but mostly, it pops.


Taken beginning of the day, after the jeans were done.



Taken end of the day, with the shirt and boots tuned up.

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