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80004: Sascha Dubois


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I always start off red hair, no matter how light or bright it will end up, with a dark auburn color as a base coat, then highlight up from there, or use the dark auburn color as a wash, then touch up the base coat...

Thanks. Do you have a Reaper MSP color you like for this or that is similar to what you use?


09070 Mahogany Brown makes a very good wash color for brighter red hair, or a good base coat for a darker auburn color. It's a medium-dark brown with a strong undertone of red in it. If you have the Reaper Red Hair Triad (09241-3: Auburn Shadow, Carrottop Red and Highlight Orange), Mahogany brown is basically the next step down in that progression from Auburn Shadow...

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Thanks Mad Jack! I do not have that triad, but do have the mahogany brown. Suppose I just have more paint to add to my wish list now. I just got a third paint caddy so that my pile of new paints and special edition paints can finally get sorted with the rest, so there should still be a little room for expansion. I am always looking for better hair colors (love the blonde triad). The reaper MSP paint page is a dangerous place in which I always see new paints I think I could use...

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