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Could someone clarify a few items related to mortars?


  1. While described as "active-homing", I can't find anything that states mortars require a target lock or TAG like guided missiles do.  Is a target lock required?  I think the answer is yes.
  2. Does TAG work with mortars, similar to guided missiles?
  3. If a target lock isn't required like guided missiles, do mortars use only a target point roll?  A strike point roll would seem out of place for an IF attack without an AoE.



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Mortar rounds are much larger than traditional guided missiles and have their own internal guidance so that the action of "target-lock" is included in their launching. They can use external target-locks and TAG as well. Other than that they act like GMs in all other respects.


-- I wanted to take a sec and amend this post as a result of a couple of changes made with GMs and such. I have added the recent clarifications I added to the rules errata document...



P. 117: Mortar(M)


FAQ: Does an attack with a Mortar require a strike-point roll?


Yes. A failed roll is an automatic miss (no drift).


FAQ: What target-point roll value do I use for a mortar attack then?


You make any combat roll for a mortar ranged-assault with the target-point roll value associated

with it’s current range band provided there was a successful strike-point roll.


FAQ: Can infantry models in the same squad use a salvo fire strike when firing multiple mortars?


Example: An Adonese Mortar Platoon (one squad) with five light mortar models decides to fire at an

enemy CAV model 36†away (long range) and no LoS.

Each model will make a strike-point roll with a target-point of 10+. A failed roll results in an automatic miss and the end of that attack.

If a model’s strike-point roll succeeds, a combat roll is now made with a target-point of 7+

(long range band with a -1 due to SA: Improve Range).


A valid LoS would still require the strike-point roll attempt but reduce the required target-point

by -1 (valid LoS to strike-point) but in this case would be negated due to the range band (-1 long

range band penalty).

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