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Winsor & Newton Brush - Is this normal?

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The one WN Series 7 brush I purchased (from Amazon or Blick?) was a dud, as was the Reaper Kolinsky brush I have. Both quickly split during use, and had stray un-tamable hairs I needed to trim out. I have a couple Raphael brushes from Blick that are pretty awesome. Overall, I have to say I love the Rosemary & Co brushes I have. My next brush order will be through them again, for sure. Last time I ordered about eight brushes and the shipping to the far end of the US was reasonably priced and took less than a week to arrive.


As for the brush that started this thread, there is hope, some of my brushes look like that if I don't put them away with brush conditioner on them. The white stuff near the ferrule makes me wonder though if that thing was used at some point.

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Regarding Rosemary & Co., I've heard great things about them and if I was buying a new set of brushes would have definitely gone with them. However, I already have tons of brushes, just needed the one, and even when buying 3 from Rosemary & Co. the shipping still costs almost as much as the brushes.


I do have brush soap and nowadays use The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver.


I'm happy to say that after cleaning it and letting it sit overnight with the preserver on, it seems to be keeping it's point really well while painting. Only twice did a stray hair happen, but I just repointed it and it worked fine. In fact, it's probably the best brush I've ever used so far and I'm really happy with it. Hopefully it will last and not start spliiting, but for now it's awesome.





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beautiful now, glad to hear it turned out ok


because it definitely looked raggedy in the first pic!


I love my size 0 and it's not looking that bad now after having used it almost a year I think


RE: clipping the stray hairs, I had wondered about that as well, actually - how do you go about doing that without damaging the other hairs? and when do you do it? sometimes my Rosemary & Co brushes are fine, like right after washing/conditioning, but after a few uses, I find a couple hairs going astray. They're my main workhorse brushes atm so I'm not terribly surprised, they've been great. Just wondering how do you decide when to clip the strays?

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I clip hairs when they absolutely will not be tamed and actively interfere with precision painting.


It's unusual for a hair to get that bad, but it can happen. Mostly they can be coaxed back.


Great salvaging of an odd brush, btw.

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The few times I've needed to trim a stray hair from a brush, I used a pair of cuticle scissors (thanks google) that an ex left here. Somehow this ended up in my minis toolkit  :B): The fine tip lets me isolate the stray, move it further away from the other hairs, and snip close to the ferrule.

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