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My first terrain pieces

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"Hardware cloth" is steel wire. Scaled down metal grating that is thin enough to snip with wire cutters.


For "...iron grate fences and gates..." purposes.



In Earth History fencing like that didn't become common until the industrial revolution and cheap cast iron. But a fantasy milieux could obviously vary.

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I tried to look up Graveyard Fences using Google and it makes suggestions as the terms are typed in (like it does).


The top suggestion after getting the first half of "graveyard" typed in was :huh: graveyard girl :huh: ?

When did I wake up in this alternate reality and what is the name of this planet?

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Do you have a link to your Dragon's Don't Share terrain?



http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59889-77381-dragons-dont-share-ruin-terrain-base/?hl=%20dragons%20%20don#39;t share


I probably should post a follow-up on that.  I've done a little more work on it (and maintenance) as the terrain piece has seen a lot of use and abuse for our Iron Kingdoms campaign, since it's the sort of thing that is durable enough to be left out without getting carefully tucked away after every use.  I've had some minor issues with plastic warping (or re-warping, as initially I had to use the boiling-water method to straighten it out, but that didn't entirely "stick"), and therefore I've used some putty as some gap-filler to get the pieces for the main tower and stairs to mesh better.  That said, it's still a bargain and probably the most-used of any of my Bones pieces.  (There are a few other Bones that would come in second-place simply because they've been used to represent a PC or a PC's beast companion, etc., but the ruined tower is just so useful in general.)  It's usually accompanied by the base of my (sadly as-yet-unpainted) Kaladrax.


But ... I've got PLANS for Kaladrax for an upcoming seafaring Iron Kingdoms campaign this November.  I'm strongly leaning toward semi-steampunk-izing Kaladrax to turn it into a great Cryxian horror (the sort of thing intended for heroes to carefully sneak around or desperately run away from, not actually take on without an entire army to assist them).

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