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Armoured Syndicate - The Board Game by Black Phoenix Games


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I think this is a relaunch of a previously canceled after funding KS..




A miniatures based combat board-game of mechs, mercs and money in the ruins of Las Vegas in the near future.

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About this project


Armoured Syndicate is a unique new miniatures based board-game set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Las Vegas in the early 22nd Century.

With much of the western US abandoned due to rising temperatures the corporations now own what remains of the great cities... using advanced mechs and drones to protect their salvage rights.

The Dead Crows are a group of Mexican mercenaries and gang members, hired by a syndicate of crime-lords to infiltrate the ruined city to undertake a number of daring heists... ruthlessly pursued by the Dromeda Corporation's sentries and drones.


 Features of the game include:

  • Scenario based core game with skirmish style 'free-play' option.
  • 10 scenarios in the core rule book with more to be added through expansions and stretch-goals.
  • 2 player games using the core rules with 3 or 4 player games using the expansions.
  • Six X 10" square, double sided, premium printed card game boards + more scenario-specific boards in expansions.
  • Unique cash-driven play system lets you allocate your funds to activate characters, bribe your enemies, bank your profits or invest in external assistance such as air-strikes and med-drops.
  • 10 X premium quality, easy-to-assemble, resin character miniatures in the box with numerous add-on models and free extras unlocked in the stretch-goals.
The miniatures in the core game box:






The Armoured Syndicate game has been written by World renowned games designer Mark Latham who has worked on many of the most successful UK developed games of the last few years including 'Walking Dead - All Out War', 'Sedition Wars', 'Legends of the old west', 'Kings of war', 'Marvel superheroes miniatures game' and many others.


Once you have set up your game-boards and objective overlays as shown in the scenario.... it's time to play!

The game is all about money... at the start of each turn, after rolling to determine player priority, each player receives a 'salary' of poker-chip style 'credit tokens' into their 'liquid assets' account to the same points value as the models they are playing. The player with priority chooses whether to go first (meaning they must reveal their allocation of action points first but also get to activate first) or go last, allowing them to see what the other player/s are doing with their action points first.


The player going first then chooses to 'bank' up to 50% of their liquid assets in their secured account (this counts towards the final score to win the game) and can spend credits from their secured fund to buy a card from the 'acquisitions' deck, these are turned over to reveal external actions that can be saved and used when needed later in the game, such as air-strikes, med-drops and long range sniper shots from high-altitude drones. Finally they allocate the remaining liquid assets to their characters, placing up to three credits on each character card to allow them to perform up to three actions (move, shoot, loot, hack, bribe) during the turn.


Once all players have allocated funds, action begins and the player with priority activates their first model. Movement is done by 'zones' on the printed game boards and combat uses multiple dice (as specified by the weapon being used) and successful attacks deal 'injury' or 'damage' cards to the target (depending on whether they are a human, a robot, or a cyborg).

Whilst destroying enemies can make you money (and costs your opponent dearly), bribing, hacking and stealing your way through the game can often be more profitable!

Achieving the primary and secondary objectives set for your faction in the scenario brings big pay-outs to add to your profits but that doesn't always mean a guaranteed win!

The core game is primarily designed as a 2-player scenario-driven game with the winner of each scenario always being the player who has banked the most profit in the game. There will also be a skirmish-style 'free-play' option and new factions with the options to go up to 3, 4 or more players through the add-ons and stretch-goals.

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