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Dwarf Musketeers: Forlorn Hope - by Gary Price

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A new set of Dwarven Musketeer miniatures produced by Gary Price.

I backed his first Kickstarter and they were a real treat. Great sculpts, nicely cast, and very characterful.



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About this project

For our third Kickstarter, the Dwarf Musketeers prepare for battle, mustering over forty poses (not counting head variants) sculpted by the very talented John Pickford. For this campaign, we are lowering our prices and including a bonus figure with every pack. Hopefully, this will help ease the exchange rate for our international backers. Our aim is to help you build units of dwarf musketeers, pikemen, and halberdiers for your OldhammerDragon Rampant, or Kings of Wararmies. We have core infantry, command figures, and two new Mounted Dwarf Musketeer poses. We even have some superb limited-edition figures rolled into some exciting stretch goals.

Though popularized as duelists and adventurers, the Dwarf Musketeers’ battlefield record was exceptional. From the Wars of Distemper and the H’Ogrenot Wars through the War of the Spinach Succession (also known as the War of the Halfling Succession), theirs was a chronicle of valor and victory. In times of war, the Dwarf Musketeers might even be seen fighting side-by-side with their arch rivals, the Cardinal’s Guard Ogres. In fact, the Cardinal himself, as General of France, frequently chose the Dwarf Musketeers as his Forlorn Hope, the brave few chosen to lead the attack, reinforce the battle line, or assault the defended position.

1ed299fa085722dedb35841853066aac_originaAdvancing in column under the Cardinal’s approving eye

The core of this release is comprised of musketeers on the battlefield: advancing, at the ready, firing, and loading.

c4ae3caa6b8547f79c0b4708b3123947_originaAdvancing in Line: the officer is from MDM6 Mounted Escorts

The firing line includes figures both kneeling and standing (although, to be truthful, with fantasy dwarves it is sometimes hard to tell which is which).

cf6d9df8c04937c786ad1abe841712e6_originaA Forlorn Hope firing line: the standard bearer is a converted pikeman

To fortify the musketeers’ line of battle, we have pike-armed dwarves standing, at the ready, and advancing. These poses complement the musketeers so you can model Pike-and-Shotte units as your army requires.

f1725b37ecc1a9947e2911868792c911_originaPike and Shotte: A pike regiment flanked by two musket troops

We also offer halberdiers in poses that complement both the pikemen and the musketeers.

All of these poses come with separate, interchangeable heads, so there are numerous modeling options for each pose.

e1c7e0b1947356947b70007461964a3d_originaSkirmishing Forward: the officer is one of the new MDM5 Mounted Pickets

The Regimental Command pack includes Officers that can be modeled as standard-bearers or troop captains, a Sergeant with halberd, and a Sergeant holding his separately cast spontoon or halberd horizontally so he can poke, prod, and otherwise push his soldiers into formation and keep the ranks aligned. We also added a Senior Officer and a Halfling Drummer to the list of Personalities.

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well, elves would not look as good as musketeers, that's for sure ;)

Just once it would be nice to see some elfin musketeers so we could make a proper judgement. I mean they are typically shown to be slim (other than Porthos), fit individuals with easily finessable weapons, and are portrayed as dashing and charismatic individuals, which seems to put them well within the elfin wheelhouse.

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