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Lidless Eye

Lidless Eye WiP: Ajaxxus Skiotho, Tiefling Barbarian conversion

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Many moons ago, when the first official preview for D&D 5E were coming out, a friend and I were discussing that the Paladin preview had a Half-Orc as the example art, and it would be interesting to see more atypical race/class combos in the books.  He had suggested a Tiefling Barbarian, and lo and behold, not but five minutes later, WotC previewed the Barbarian and it was...a generic Viking style Human.

Later that day, during downtime at work, I thought I'd make it up to both of us and sketch out a concept for a Tiefling Barbarian.  I kept the 4E & 5E pact-style Tieflings, and took a bit of influence from the design of Warcraft's Draenei, (a race of dimension travelers, who fled from their brethren who signed on with demons).  After all, my main character in the game for almost a decade was a Draenei Warrior!

Here's the initial sketch:




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I wound up liking the design, and used it for my character concept for "Tyranny of the Dragons".  Ajaxxus Skiotho was a former hermit, living in the mountains to get away from the wicked ways of his traditionalist Asmodean family.  One day, a roaming Hellhound attacked him while he was gathering supplies, and as he struggled with it, it spoke to him in a strange voice of a way for him to redeem himself and his kin from the sins of the father.  Upon its instruction, he took its hide as mantle, his family's maul, and went back into civilization. (mostly a way to explain the furs...and the Tiefling's natural magic and Totem Barbarians give a nice spiritual alternate to the typical frothing rager)

I had converted a miniature for him from a HeroClix Frankenstein, which I had previously shown on the Show-Off pages, but wasn't happy with how it matched the art:





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As some publicly hosted games do, Tyranny of the Dragons game found itself with too many players, and I bowed out.  Another game started up of the Encounters seasons, and I brought Ajaxxus back, with a revised miniature.  I liked this version more, but he was still strangely scaled for a Tiefling and still not very close to the art:






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I've been wanting to get some greenstuff practice in, and a few days back I wanted to make an Ajaxxus 5.0 (maybe it's not really his 5th incarnation in the two odd years since the sketch, but it feels like it).

I'm nowhere up to sculpting a body from scratch, and I found myself out of body blanks, so I went through my extras and found the closest thing I had, the original Heresy Miniatures "Mullet the Barbarian"

This is not my version, but to give those who are unfamiliar with the base piece, an old shot from their website:




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Unfortunately, I didn't think to snap some shots before I had applied any green stuff.  His additional bits are the head from the old Chaos Mutations sprue, which was carved down to reshape his horns and line them up with his brow, add a chin cleft, etc.  The hands are from Warhammer Beastmen Gors, his extra pouch to cover up the removed scabbard from Empire Flagellants, and his tail, just as the original, is from a Chaos Spawn tentacle, this time smoothed out.

The hammerhead caused the most problems...while I had several mauls in my bountiful bitz box, I didn't have any that looked odd compared to his heroic scale.  The Stonehaven Undead Dwarf had to donate a weapon...he'll be on my "repair" list soon enough.

The first shots:




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Some near finished shots.  He still needs a few spots touched up, and some sealants applied...safety first!

He wound up ending a bit more Hellboy than Draenei, but I can be okay with that.  I was going to go for a more earthy-red than devil, but I thought it got lost with his clothing's tones.  I couldn't really picture him wearing bright colors given the background, other than the fiery stripe of the Hellhound furs:






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And, if it wasn't obvious...this was not exactly a live Work-in-Progress tracker!  I'd been keeping a more accurately timed track of the process on Facebook, but thought I don't post many WiPs on this forum other than "what's on your paint table" types.  This was the most I've done with greenstuff in a long time, and thought I'd keep record.

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Any plans for a conversion?

Yes, I was just on the slow-posting computer...wait...




Very cool conversion!!

Thanks!  I've got a game of D&D to GM tonight, but I'm hoping to put the finishing touches on him tomorrow and call it a wrap.

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