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89027 Lini (Variant): "Tika" - Gnome Druid Bleachling

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Miniature: 89027 Lini, Iconic Gnome Druid
One of my cast of characters in Pathfinder was a Gnome Druid bleachling.  Tika Mrae Adajiir (d'Saong).  
Trying to convert the WAR art from the icon to what I was was very challenging and tedious to do (and I never finished it in the Shop of Photos).  Upon discovering Reaper, and wanting to begin painting other things besides my bride's zombies (she loves all things zombie, but especially co-op tabletop ones).  
In my haste and limited budget, I threw the miniature into the basket along with the fighter I am going to be painting up for Haldir's campaign down below in The Playing.  I also only got Brown Liner.  Well.. the leather parts will be easier? lol


I tried mixing the following for the initial skintone, but it was too light:
09093 Golden Highlight (Reaper)
70.918 Ivory (VMC)

I then repainted the skin with just the 09093 Golden Highlight.
This is after the second coat:





I did not take a photo of the sequences of her hair.  Currently it appears very bright, but it is going to be worse... and if nothing else, it will be an experiment in what to not do...


Her hair will be the following:

70.918 Ivory (VMC) 

70.820 OffWhite (VMC)

70.951 White (VMC) - A very few select highlights


The current photo is several coats of Ivory only.

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I would've tried a ghost white base maybe 1 I ivory then a glaze of red/ivory then what you did. But I don't know what a bleachling is. I'm going to try that soon though.

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Bleachlings are gnomes that have lost the overwhelming urge to discover new things. Most do not survive the lackluster life and fade away until they die. A few survive and have a calm balanced outlook on life... many become druids.

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I did not have a different color base. Yes, I would do this different as well. But this is about the journey and the learning and I'll see where this takes me.

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