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Battle of Hastings fought by 1000 reenactors for 950th anniversary

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More than 1,000 soldiers have re-enacted English history’s defining battle on the site in East Sussex where it took place 950 years ago.




There were falconry and weaponry displays, historical lectures and living history camps for 8,000 people attending the event, which also runs on Sunday.




Prior to Saturday’s re-enactment, a core group of diehards had marched for three weeks on foot and horseback starting in York, echoing the journey King Harold made to fight nearly 1,000 years ago.

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Man, I would love to do medieval re-enactment. But unfortunately living in the US most re-enactors are either Civil War or WWII...


While the 11th C is one of my favorites, I would also love to do 14th C, especially the "transitional" period because the equipment and how it was combined was so interesting...


Also a huge fan of the early to mid 12th C too.



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 Y'know, that's one thing that's been on my if-I-ever-win-the-lottery list for a long, long time... Traveling around to do re-enactments. I wouldn't even much care what period it was - I'd just have a whole closet full of costumes from B.C. all the way up to the 1940's.

Unfortunately, I've never even had the extra cash to put together a decent Ren Faire outfit.

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