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Russian Mecha


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I've been fortunate to come across a pair of Russian made mecha for a game called "Astroid". Joe Miller, at the Comic Store, on his return from GAMA, brought back a few of these guys, and gave me a blister to check out.


First off, these guys are in plastic but the detail is top notch; they look like a cross between Space Marines and Transformers. (they got heads like Octimus Prime) the data cards (although written in Russian) are baseball card size with a few numbers and an armor hit system, simular to battletech.


the difference is, hit location is determined by a 6SD and theres a simple point scale they use. Head can take 2-4 damage, each arm 2-4 damage, legs about 6 damage, depending on the Mecha of course.


The stats are written in Russian, but I think I can figure them out too.


MAMOHT (Mammoth?)

Ctonmoctb 42 (42 tons?)


Ckopoctb = 5 (Cockpit? Piloting?)

3aMNta = 3 (Armor?)

Ctpenb6a = 5/1 (pistol in right hand/ punch?)

Cnna Atakm = 4 (have no clue, maybe targeting or initiative?)



na3yt4nk (?)

Ctonmoctb 29 (29 tons?)


Ckopoctb = 5 (Cockpit? Piloting?)

3aMNta = 2 (Armor?)

Ctpenb6a = 4/3 (pistol in right hand/ punch?)

Cnna Atakm = 2 (have no clue, maybe targeting or initiative?)


Anyway, looks interesting. the blister comes with a 6 sided dice. probably plays out simular to CAV using a 6sd instead of a 10sd. possibly moving the mecha individually, as opposed to to sections.


Anybody could enlighten me, by all means, now I'm off to find a link

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Sounds interesting.


Being a Mecha-junkie this kind of thing is always a curiosity for me.


BTW -- Sorry I missed you last night. If you're going to be in town next monday, I am planning to be at the shop (around 6:30) and should be able to give you a quick HG demo.

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No problem, I'll bring them with me next time so you can check them out, they're not really all that bad, but obviously geared to a younger audience.


I have the Serpentine Fire gears on display at the Adventure Guild; that'll give you an idea of their capabilities, but unfortuantely I have no cards for them.

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I did this for a Paper Miniatures site I sometimes contribute to.




It's a Russki Mecha with giant AKM-like forearm cannons.


The mecha is meant to be cut out, and folded/glued together like a triangular box, giving you a 3d feel to it.



John Bear Ross

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JBR, your an animal bro.


You may appreciate these ruski mechs though, kind of right up your alley, being the "Godfather of Mecha" (Must give you your props, bro, you rock)


I really have to get a digicam, I wonder if Erion has one.

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