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Russian Mecha


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I talked with the guys who are distributing those while I was at GAMA (they were on the next aisle down from the Reaper booth actually), and I believe they have an english translation available. Your game store owner should be able to get it from them, if not I'll give you the contact info, I'll be getting in touch with them about their new terrain stuff anyway.

The models are nice, and one or two would actually fit in with CAVs, being the same basic shape, with interesting weapons.


Alex K.

Upper Canada Games

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Top Posters In This Topic

Thanks to a copy of the Cyrillic Alphabet I had lying around, I was able to transliterate the names of the Astroid Robots.


* Knight Set:

Richar' Model 15



Legioner ("Knight")


* Destroyer Set

Sniper Model 105

Razrustuffel' ("Destroyer") Model 102 (Hmm...the spellchecker butted in here. The R-name's original spelling was changed to protect the innocent.)


* Pitbull Set

Veteran Model 103

Pitbull Model 101


* Spy Set

Mamont Model 210

Lazutchik ("Spy") Model 204


* Dragoon Set

Musketeer Model 206

Dragoon Model 209


* Boxer Set

Duelyant ("Duelist"?) Model 314

Boxer Model 308


More to come.

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I know I'm replying to myself here, but I want to try something out. I know my compy has Cyrillic fonts in there somewhere...so perhaps I can share the Alphabet notes I have.


Ugh. The closest thing I have is Symbol, and that doesn't work too well.


Correction: Not "Gollid", "Goplid". Have no idea what it means.


Check this site out!

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I was able to download the mecha design panels off the Dizart website (Bablefish won't let you go there, but I cut and pasted the link) and have these impressions of the designs.


1) They stole whole bunches from UC Gundam. The Duelyant's upper torso and the Lazutchik's legs are both from the GP01. The Raz's head and shoulders + the Gladiator's torso and legs = Gelgoog. It's like looking at Mekton II's mecha designs.


2) The head of Dragoon reminds me both of the album cover for The Alan Parsons Project's I, Robot and Marvin the Paranoid Android from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV series. "I think you ought to know that I'm feeling very kick-buttish."


3) I don't know that I like the handgun design. *Shrug*


One of the Russian websites associated with Astroid has a downloadable short story (with illustrations) but it's all in Russian and you need Cyrillic fonts to display it.

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Got it. It's only a comic book. No real rules for play.


In the off chance you didn't see it ...

across the top of that page

(2nd to last choice to the right)

is a DOWNLOADS button. If you click it you are taken to a

page where you can dowload some rules "in English"

under the Asteroid heading to the right (British flag).

What was on the first page of this topic as ...

Ckopoctb = 5 (Cockpit? Piloting?) my wife says is Speed.


I'll keep her working if there are anymore questions. ::):

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