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Stonehaven Miniatures :: Undead Dwarf

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Working on the Undead Dwarf from Stonehaven Miniatures on a slotted base from the same.  The resin base is flagstone and has a skeleton hand coming out of the ground.


Primed with Reaper Grey Primer and lined with Reaper Walnut Brown.  Still have some more lining to do.




Stay tuned.

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He is fully lined now.


I enjoy dwarves.  Unfortunately, I missed the Kickstarter for the Stonehaven dwarves.  I traded for the set.  


The undead dwarf is my favorite.


I want to call him "Jolly".

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Color added.






Colors are...


  • Face:  Vallejo Yellow Green mixed with a little Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil
  • Beard:  Reaper Mahogany Brown
  • Belt: Reaper Mahogany Brown
  • Bandoleer:  Reaper Woodland Brown
  • Armor:  Reaper Heather Blue
  • Shoulder Pads:  Reaper Blue Indigo
  • Bone Hands:  Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil
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Thanks, he is a great mini. 


To make him look a little more zombie with beard and less skeleton with beard, I think I will be adding an eyeball to one of his sockets.  I think the slightly wider right eye will give him a more amusing appearance.


Something like this:



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I like the eyes.


"Eye" ... only one.  :blues:


I like the look of just one versus two:


post-7739-0-32551400-1476803683_thumb.jpg post-7739-0-02378700-1476804654_thumb.jpg
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:lol: awesome eye or eyes!


Hopefully I can create and paint one to come close to my graphically added version(s).

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