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Casket Works 13 Cover Art

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I'm in the process of putting together a CAV league for the June/July Timeframe and was wondering if the kind and benevolent folks at Reaper would have any objections to my use of the Casket Works 13 cover image for the cover of my small (8-15 pages) league handbook (with the appropriate copyrights and disclaimers of course).


If that is allowable, would someone (Kit, Matt, or Ivy, I'd imagine) also be able to provide me with a .gif or .jpg of the artwork without all the writing on top of it?


I'm planning a kick-off event 2-3 weeks prior to the league's start to drum up interest and get people buidling their starter forces. The league will last eight weeks with scenarios, a background story, specially built or bought terrain, and prizes in the form of CAV swag and gaming merchandise. It's purpose is to get people building forces from 1 or 2 sections for the first two weeks to larger (company plus) forces consisting of combined arms for the final battles.


I will, of course, provide a .pdf sample of the handbook for anyone who wants a copy, should this project go forward with the approval of the powers that be.

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