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building storage trays for minis

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I will be building 2 custom 12*9*1 foam storage trays for my metal minis, using foam, felt, foamcore.

Yesterday I applied felt to the first side of the foamcore base. Today I will apply felt to the other side. This will give a sturdy base and something soft for the minis to rest on. Second side is so that I can layer them and worry less about scratching.

Total cost materials glue, 5$ foam, 1$ felt, 1$ foamcore.

Bonus, I have trays that will fit in my fancy Muji storage boxes.

Photos later.

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Excellent. I was just pondering how to build carrying cases for my Zombicide and Descent minis. 

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Uh. Not much to show yet.
Photos of Muji box, foamcore with felt and an idea of the foot print. I'm hoping that weight when I glue the foam will take care of that gap.
If you live in the US there are tons more options. But where I am I'd have to do crazy bulk purchases 1000 times more than I need.


Apparently these trays will also fit in the 9L Really Useful Box.



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Things got derailed when my template sheet was more parallelogram than rectangle,and not big enough to adjust. I have found a suitable replacement and things will continue.

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So many issues with real life, I've hardly done a thing.

I've finished measuring and penciling my template. Roughly 1.5*1 inch holes 42 per tray.the site is being a pain so photos later.

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So I did.

Pre-paint mini for scale though this is just for metal home storage.I'm going to try to build staircases with the template cutouts. Pics later.

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I never posted an update with photos. here's a big dump. Thinking about stairs with the cardboard. Anybody have good examples? Anybody have suggestions for squares of upholstery foam?










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So here's a few more pics of stuff. The nicer tray is drying now.

Biggest pain was cutting the foam. I went through so many blades. It was relatively neat but sometimes you cut on an angle without noticing so it's a smaller space than it should be. Also sometimes I cut so much further than I thought - foam is pretty tough I guess. Not worth the effort unless you need to save money, or you have a special container you want to fit everything in.

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I think it would be better than the utility knife I used. While a foam cutter is cheap I don't really have enough justification to buy one. At most I'll be doing this 7 more times... Which will mean 20 times more minis than I have now in the ratio I buy bones to metal.

I'm not sure how safe minis would be if you intend to transport them in trays like this, but about 3+ would fit in a 9L really useful box.

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