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Not to high jack your thread...

There was an article in Dragon Magazine, in the Fantasy Smith's Notebook column that described this process back when....



This is one example of what I did using wooden boxes that once held wine bottles back in 1988....




I used a thin piece of foam for the bottom of the tray, glued everything together with Elmer's white glue, and cut with a long snap off razor. There is also a thin piece glued into the top of the box, so there is padding all the way around each cel...

the box has 3 levels....

I also have 2 of them that I use for my Ral Partha Battle mechs, 1 for Assault/Heavy, 1 for Light/Medium....





Going to see if I can find the article....

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Nice one, George.


Now I just need to find some of those wine boxes...

If there is a store that you frequent, you can ask them if they have them. I found that after the holidays, many places will take the bottles out of the boxes to sell them individually, and pitch the boxes....

Michael's also sells different boxes that are similar......

(Kay13 reminded me of that.)

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