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89026 :: Eando Kline - Adventurer

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Eando Kline

Generic Adventurer!


Eando is a static posed classic character who could be any one of a number of classes in your RPG.


Here he's still very much generic with his crimson jacket, yellow-green packs, and griffon tan hair.


He stands atop a Scibor Miniatures Royal Lions resin "ruins" base with gold filigree over a sunburst/chevron pattern which is above a white-tan sandstone lion statue's head.








I hope you enjoy him.  Check him out in the Inspiration Gallery and his WIP post.


Added to Thrym's Index of Reaper Miniatures & Thrym's General Show Off List

Eando's Paint List


Jacket is Reaper Crimson Red, Trimmed with Reaper Palomino Gold covered with Vallejo Old Bronze

Backpack and pouches are Vallejo Yellow Green

Backpack Straps are Vallejo Rose Brown

Hair is Griffon Tan and Suntanned Flesh

Skin is the Reaper Suntanned Flesh Triad

Scabbard is Reaper Gem Purple covered with Scale Colour Amethyst

Dark Metal Trim on Shoulders, Knees, Elbow and on the Hilt of the Sword are Vallejo Gunmetal Grey

Steel Trim on Sword and Scabbard are Scale Colour Thrash Metal

Boots are Reaper Griffon Tan with Reaper Russet Brown Wraps

Pants and Waist Coat are Vallejo Rose Brown

I used Reaper Flesh Wash on the Boots, Waist Coat, Pants, Hair and Beard.



Scibor Miniatures Royal Lions Ruin Base Paint List


Filigree is Reaper Palomino Gold under Reaper New Gold


Sunburst / Chevron Pattern is Vallejo Panzer Aces Stencil for the offset sunburst washed by Reaper Spattered Gore


Ruins Surface is covered with Vallejo Gloss Varnish


Ground is Reaper Umber Brown with Stencil highlights and Reaper Rattlesnake Leather on rock facets facing one direction


Moss is Vallejo Yellow-Green


Lion Head is Stencil with Reaper Suntan Flesh wash and Rattlesnake Leather shadows

Edited by Thrym
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Really like the touch of the chevron on his base, and the marble-like statue on it. Great job on the eyes, he has a great facial expression.

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Finally had a moment to look around for which company produced the base that is under Eando.


The base is from Scibor Miniatures' Royal Lions 25mm Round Set #2.




The one on the left.  I have the other two still.  Might have to find some similar characters to put on them.


Updated OP with info.

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Nice. I like the brown palate - something we dont see too often.


This mini always weirded me out because he shares my last name, has a similar first name, and looks sort of like me.

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