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Bones Shadow Dragon (77108) as Blue Dragon


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I'm playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen, and apparently we need a dragon. So I'm painting the Shadow Dragon that's been in my "Box of 20" unpainted minis as a blue dragon. Last night I boiled, cleaned and glued the wings (because why not? Oh, ok... THAT's why not) and slopped on blue liner/medium.

I will probably slop on some more liner to actually line.

Colors I'm planning on using.

-Interference Blue (Yes, this dragon has been Pingo'd).

Skin:Dragon Blue (!), Frost Blue, Blue Flame, Ghost White, Magic Blue (VGC), Denim Blue

Plates/Bone: Handle Wood (SW), Bone White (VGC), Pearl White, Creamy Ivory.


That may be more than I actually use, though.

No mold line prep.


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So second thinned coat of liner applied. Light drybrush with frost blue on face and wings.

One coat of dragon blue on body ( no head or wings or dorsal ridge).

One coat of wood handle on horns, plates, teeth and non-foot bony areas.

Just wanted to get a look at things before deciding on colors.





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Did a bit more work. Some highlights of creamy ivory on the bony bits, and some shading with the denim blue. A tiny bit of rescuing the face. Still need to mid-tone that.

Discovered that Magic Blue is darker than I thought... changed plans after rescuing wings.

Pics later because I have deadlines today.

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The colors are pretty close actually, though yes a bit yellow. The dragon is sitting on brown parchment paper, and the white cardboard in the back is an off-white (but should be more white). And it`s a bit of a pain changing white balance on the phone. I tend to do the auto, but leave something pure white then crop that out. But adjusting after not so great.

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More shading and highlighting. A bit on the wings disrupted by feuding cats that had to be separated.

I need to go 1 higher 2 darker on the wings and then 1 higher and darker on the body. Highest leather white on plates.


Then yellow eyes and maybe dark brown wash on plates then interference blue on the body ( before and after coming) then the base.

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And here's where I'm at for the day. Still need to do mouth. probably wash bone/ mouth and add yellow eyes. Then interference blue. dunno how it will look after that.











More lopsided than I would like. Not sure if I want to straighten at this point.

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