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Reapercon 2016 pictures


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If you order a swag bag from the store, is there less in there than?


Or do you get the stuff you see here too?

The Bag in the online store does not contain all of the items shown here. This includes many VIP only items and many items exclusive to attendees.

If they do like other years they will eventually post up a big album of all the winners and a good number of the other entries. But since I recognize forum names. It's so than real ones I don't always match up the winners so don't recognize that it's my friends who have won. So then I'm not able to offer proper aculades. :down:


Currently editing the gallery together. I may not finish before I go home today.

Understood. Photo editing and putting together a portfolio always takes me more time then I think it will. Even when I know how much time it will take me.

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Great work, Siri.  What a horrific monster on that trophy.


The monster is a Mi-Go, from the old H.P. Lovecraft stories.


I missed out on the group photo as well - didn't even know it was happening.  I guess I was flying too low on the radar at the Con.  It was great to meet some of y'all though.


And speaking of photos, I did manage to get a pile of shots of Knarthex modeling for Julie Guthrie.  I'm not sure if George managed to get the Photobucket link I sent him to work - but I can post 'em here if he didn't.


The Egg


Mi-Go very far away from that thing! :ph34r::zombie:

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Here's what I managed to take:


ReaperRon doing one of the door prize drawings



Generic view of the 'con from near the front door (including a fair number of forumites)



ReaperBryan chatting with (l to r): MrMelons, SGHawkins, Tarsemina, and DixonGrfx



Sophie says painting challenge, run by Mister Justin of Secret Weapon miniatures.

Mine (I use the term loosely;everyone ended up putting paint on each figure, I think) is the fourth from the left.



MrMelons and Tarsemina


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